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This is the Demo! it is of previous version

New Version have more features! and I will also update it every month if you want me too! Thanks Romesteady :-)  I appreciate it hope you like my game. 

I like your Shacknews Community.  Thank you looking forward for next jam but next time I should be try to implement best use of theme. 

Thanks Dude,  I am glad you liked the game! 

Thankyou for your great reply! I would look forward for some updates!

Thanks for the replying! Great Idea though! 

Thankyou for the feedback, I will try to fix those issues, please read my reply to melliflox about the theme issue, I had explained it there! Thank you for Playing!

I should also prefer to make a discord server about your game jam stuffs.

I didn't quietly  understand the prize pool, can you explain me that? 


Ok Dude, and please read my opinion that I post in community section about rating!

A QUICK  MESSAGE  FOR ALL OF YOU, SOME OF YOU THINK THAT I AM USING ALTS TO RATE MY OWN GAME FROM DIFFERENT IDS, SO I HAVE AN ANSWER, @romsteady, Can see all the voting results and check all the comments that and ratings that they comes from different IPs, if you think that I used cheats and should be punished then OK, I am ready for that.  btw, those ratings are the suggestion given by the people for the games, for example Conan Game can played by an emulator, someone didn't know it so they give it some negative review, but every participate and judge know it is mod, so the judge should final the result, and one more thing romsteady the game jam host got the large number of rating then anyone else so romsteady will give prize to himself, No for my point of view romsteady should judge the Games. #Peace, and thank you everybody for supporting me and played my game it meant a lot to me :-)

btw, I loved your game but I had stuck into something, I talked to all the people then I don;t understand what to do next? 

and someone is thinking that I am using alts controls to rate, but the romsteady can check it all the rating IPs will be different. 

I have to say that it manage to use best of the theme, I like the Game so much!! It is absolutely great game!, if some bugs wil be fixed!

Wow, you broke my record, I hope you love this game! Thankyou for the review

Oh Thank you so much for the feedback, I will check it out and fix it soon! Cheers :-)

I BY mistake deleted the first comment, then I think to delete whole conversation.

Thank-you for your review, Yeah I need to fix the reloading sound bug but How you can expect a  game with no bugs in a jam. Don't Worry I will fix it in Future. and The Theme is Survivor With Guns that's why I made 3 characters in main menu with different ability like sniper, ar, and shotgun. Thanks for Playing my Game Have a Nice Day :-)

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I accept it, but I think you didn't properly read the description of the game. On the Description Section it is written that the enemies are converted into mad creatures due to some powerful rays, known as " GAMA RAYS ".  and one more thing if you will remove enemies blocking behavior you will be die easily. That's why to made it medium not TO HARD I added the collider into the objects, so they can stop for some time and you can easily kill them, and you say about looping, it is not in loop after wave 25 I guess there will be some zombie appear into the map and you have to kill them, the loop is made for practicing, I means that you will get 2 loops then game will change automatically, the game will be come hard that's why I made 2 loops. 

And you say about missing the theme, well it is something with guns, so I made 3 warriors based on there specialty you will be found on the game menu. First one is Ethan who use sniper weapon, Second one is John who use assault rifle weapons, third one is Ryu who is Shotgun specialist, so everyone time you will play the game you will get different kind of experience, and you can change also your experience by using Upgrade menu by pressing U, you can change health, agility, speed and etc stuffs.

THIS GAME THEME IS SURVIVORS WITH GUNS.  Yes, I know it is my fault that I don't introduce the theme, but I made it for purpose, I want my players to find it, so they will enrich some experience and look at game at there point of view, which will made game exciting to play and not boring. So, the players can add anything, like Soldier with guns, warrior with guns etc.


Tell me What should I update, your suggestion will be helpful!, I can add custom Pokemon and characters for you if you want me to add!

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Okk! I will tell him in Instagram!

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I am very interested at your work, and I want to ask you that can we collab together for the WasteLander Game or other project. I have also several great project Ideas. Tell me if you interested and also please Checkout my Games too. If you are ready to collab then tell me in instgram, my account is @gamaddict_studio