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Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing!

This is very helpful feedback! I agree that a greater focus on the platforming would improve this game. You've got me thinking about the jump and now I have a couple ideas on how to go about giving better control.

I really like what you have going here!

I enjoy the spacey mood set by the minimal graphics and sound. It really fits well with the dangerous scifi feel to the gravity mechanic. And it the jam's theme is nailed with the limited area and the danger you can build up in there.

I think a smooth camera would have done a lot to improve the experience. The camera moving glued to the player like that makes it feel a bit jerky and disorienting.

I hope you keeping working on this past the jam/ With a little more time and polish I think there's something really good here!

I really enjoyed this! I didn't get very far but this game is really fun. And really great use of the theme. When I'm caught in one of those little boss rooms the confinement is real!

I am finding the difficulty a little daunting. I find myself afraid to use the bombs because of the damage from that huge blast area. I think the challenge is good but I usually find myself dying right before I see something interesting and new coming ahead. If the enemies occasionally dropped a health or maybe the bomb just pushed you away instead of doing damage, the opening stretch might be a little less intimidating. I could easily see someone dying a few times and quitting before realizing there are more than just the bats and skeletons.

Regardless of my struggle, it does make me want to get better and see more. I think this game is very fun and I think I'll keep this installed for a while. 

Thank you for your feedback!

Player feedback is definitely an area for improvement from this build. We originally had more feedback by varying the animation and adding little "pow" cloud effects. Also I intended the pitch of the jump sound to go up a little on consecutive bounces to communicate that you're going higher and increasing the score modifier. Unfortunately it turned out not looking quite right and we didn't quite have time to redo them. This is something we'll definitely be working on correcting in later versions!