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Honestly, no! We learned about that game right after the release of Ravva, and it was a big surprise how similar both games are haha. Even the little clouds!

Thanks for the feedback!

Mentality decreases the chance to get the Panic status. Each time the enemy hits, it has a 100% chance of panicking you, but your PNC% decreases this number.  So if you have 40% of PNC, it means that you have 40% chance to resist Panic.

Hey, Allekid!

Thank you greatly for your feedback! We are really happy that you enjoyed the game. Your video was great as well as it was possible to analyze the gameplay from another person's perspective. This is really valuable for a game developer!

Thanks to your video we noticed that it's not intuitive how to access the Menu the first time, where you could see the Status and Hotkeys. You tried Esc a few times. This made us discuss a better and intuitive way to show the Menu for the player, and it will be added to the next update.

For now, when you play, the standard button to access the menu is ENTER. To use Food and regain stamina, press and hold Z. To use Med Kit to recover HP, press and hold X.

If you need any support, please let us know!

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We'd love to hear your thoughts about the game, so every feedback is welcome!

If you faced any glitches or issues, please let us know too.  The game is still in BETA so we'll do our best to improve it!

The right place to quick chat about the game!

Thank you so much for playing!! I'm really happy that you had fun with our game and we greatly appreciate your comment!

Hey, Blinxerizer!

We have just sent you the Steam Key through your e-mail, thank you so much for your patience!
And yes! Our upcoming game is Meawja and we're really focused on that project now, we're really excited to complete the development! I'm really happy that you liked what you saw ❤

We wish you a wonderful week!

Good morning! Sorry for the delay, we're moving this week so the studio is a mess. That's why, at least for now, we won't be able to update the itch version (alongside some technical problems). Hope you understand and sorry for the inconvenience!

Hey there! The 1.4 version from Steam has no significant changes, only the Speedrunner protection (a small random number at the top) and the ability to skip the final intro. That's why we did not update it here in Itch. 

If you like, we can give you a Steam key so you can also check the update there! Just leave your e-mail and we'll send you the key ^^

Thanks for being such an active player!

You're welcome! Have fun!

Hey! Thank you for your patience!
We updated the game with the 1.3 version! Check this link for more information:

Have fun!

Hey! Thank you very much for your purchase!

Yes we will update the game to 1.3 here on Itch as well! We honestly thought we had done this already, so our sincere apologies.

We will let you know once the 1.3 version is uploaded!

Thank you! This is way better than having to create full fonts from scratch like I has been doing. 

Thank you! It is possible to add a character to these fonts then?

Have you guys found a way to edit the fonts, perhaps? Adding some accents might not be an issue, just really take some time.

Hello, any update about the latin characters? I am really interested in the pack, however I need at least latin characters so I can localize my game properly. Thank you!

Thank you! I'm really happy you liked it =)