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man beatyfull game, made my day

excelent art style, music and cute gamplay

i wish they made a full game about this concept

the sound designer, din't had time to make music for it

there was a really bad thunder storm here, and  a blackout, so  this is the best i could come with in 5 hours

thanks man, i may reduce boss HP next time, and make it harder

thanks, men

that some bug, that i din't had time to fix.

what's the issue with double jump?

the leaves are just background

the game is ultra short, the third store was the last one.

good gameplay and funny audio, but this game lacks art.

the music was made by elysium, i recommend to you check his soundcloud

your jumps depend on horizontal speed, the enemy eye had a few bugs that needed to be fixed.

graphics cute, like the npcs comments

the jump is weird, and the music sounds like it's two musics being played at the same time, graphics looks good and the orbiting weapon is cool

incredible game overall

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the Aestethetics are incredible, and fit's the theme well, but i thin it lacked some music.

thanks, the review man, i ill focus in making better gameplay next time.