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You've came a long way. Keep it up. :)

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Thank you so much Reddyy.

Awesome :)

Hello everyone.

I'm currently putting some work up for testing, there's much more content than what is currently available and anyone super interested in the game can gain access to the future games progress at no cost. 

Holo Battle Network is an RPG / Management / Exploration /Adventure made using Unity where the player collects new pets that they can be summoned as long as the player has enough slots available. It's not like Pokémon where the Pets are collected, you'll unlock pets by completing quest lines. When new pets are added they then make a home on your very own island, the place where you begin the game!

Your island is peaceful for now and you'll not need to buy any defence systems, you're probably wondering what you'll need those for, you'll find out as the development builds. 

Pet's can be levelled up and by doing this they become more talkative! Your pet may want to go some quests, or it might know something is near by worth checking out, much of the pet system has been made so the player can have a connection with the pets they come to like. 

I hope you can spend some time trying out Holo Battle Network, and please add me on Discord should you run in to any issues.


Download is free. You will need 7.Zip to unpack the game files. Game size uncompressed is 3.4 Gigabyte. This game is designed to run on as many machines as possible that have low end specs. 

Before downloading. Please consider the specs below. 

  • Nvidia / AMD /Intel Graphics supported.
  • 4 Gigabyte of ram
  • 3.4 Gigabyte of space.
  • Mouse and Keyboard.

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Thanks again for visiting. The latest update to Journey Galaxis features new battle sprites for the game. I make an occasional update now and then, so it really is worth keeping an eye on the page for what might be coming up next!

What a great idea, well done! I feel that you made a really good start on what could be an awesome puzzle battle RPG. If there were a visual novel story between battles which seem to be an upward trend with RPG VN's then that could be interesting. :) I wish you all the best, and surely a great thanks for the encouragement with my project in the past. 

Yes, take a break and rest up. I need to do the same often.

Thank you for the continues support. Please leave a message here if there is anything you would like to see in another free DLC update. :)

Game updated. It's totally had some huge improvements and new area to explore. I wish you all the best, let me know if I can help!

Looks really great. :)

Well done. :) 

Holo Battle Network now has a demo. All yours to enjoy! Let me know of any problems. 

Not sure if I did something correct but it suddenly made 100's of blocks and shot the roof up like a fountain, haha. Neat game. :)

Thanks so much. I will surely follow you on here. I also use Discord. Add me, I'm always open to chat and help! :D ProjectHeroes#4095

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This game has received less than 10 Downloads and less than 70 views since release, June 3rd. Thank you for downloading.

Holo-Battle Network is a clash between Pokemon, Digimon and Phantasy Star Online. In this game you are able to command Holo-Pets. Holograohic Monsters which are part of a game created by Holo-Tech Industries. Grow your team, enter new zones and earn new Monsters. This adventure has so far taken 2 months to build. I've been a struggling game designer for 9 years. I hope this can be a game you can enjoy.

Works on Windows /Mac /Linux. More platforms are also in the pipeline.

Full keyboard and Mouse control. Re-Map buttons and change sound settings.

  • Command Pets to Battle.
  • Action and adventure RPG elements.
  • Questing system: Quest tracking / progress.
  • Collect Items.
  • Full tutorial and help at hand.
  • Great music and sounds.
  • Interface designed to be easy to use.
  • Full player movement. Run, Jump, Roll, Sprint.
  • Constantly improving the player experience to make easier to enjoy.
  • Visit imaginative realms which is full of life. 
  • Level up Pet's to improve their overall stats and abilities.
  • Skill Tree systems.
  • Freedom to play or just explore.

Download can be found on the page.

Really great that this runs in a web browser.  I was confused on where to go as I lost the other racers, but the work is amazing, great job!

Doing great. :)

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I think I should do the same. Still have to sort some things out. XD

Thanks so much Anwynn. :)

Thanks so much. :)

Great artworks, looks amazing. :)

World Map looks amazing. Well done. I will surely give your game a try. :)

Good job on the the writing. :) 

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Thanks so much for anyone who decides to play. Please message me If there is anything that causes an issue in game.

Yes, I thought I would share a log this time. :) Make sure to move your save from the old folder. I have added save games already so you can skip the tutorial if you would like to replay the story. But, you should be able to use your old save from the last version.

You can only do what you can do. It's a learning process. If people knew how easy it is for developers to create 3-D world through automation in Unity it would blow their minds. Just focus on your story which is original and all the eventing. You can do the rest later. As I've said many times it really takes a great deal of will to create custom stuff, and it can be expensive as I have found. We're still on equal ground yet we've made our games differently. Barely anyone plays my game in it's about 90% original art / music and sound. That should be an example that you just have to keep trying and improving beyond what others are doing.

If I didn't have that experience I wouldn't have made such huge leaps. Even now, I'm learning and pushing for a better result. And don't worry too much, as long as you enjoy making your game then it will grow as you grow along side.

Hey. I'm sorry you had to go through that type of experience. To be honest, I had the same experience and it does crush your judgement of whether or not the project is worth continuing. It's a growing process and it only means you have more work to do, and so that is good. Keep learning and growing and you'll surely be the one that comes out on top!

Well done Anwynn. You've done a great job considering how difficult it is to be inspired and go the next mile. Just keep up the effort and in time it will come through. :)

They look great. :)

Thanks so much! :D

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Welcome to Imagi town, where the imagination creates the adventures!


This game is full of comedy, many quick witted dialogues, naughty happenings and more!

Welcome back to the 90's cartoon era! Where Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network were awesome! 

I'm testing out a new genre of RPG this time around. I hope you can give this game a try and leave some feedback if possible.

I've worked over the last 2 months on this project and it is now completed and ready to make you laugh your butt off!

Having a bad day. Smash rocks and blocks, and fight Gangsters, Musicians, and more from the slime kingdom!

Note. Only runs on Windows. Not a demo. This is one adventure. All adventures released could be played in any order. 

System requirements:

  • Snacks and Drinks.
  • A PC / Laptop that doesn't explode when the power button is switched on.
  • Leave a comment below.

Welcome to Imagi Town! 

This project has taken 2 months to complete and is here with a pilot episode in hope you'll support for more adventures.!

What is this?!

Join childhood friends in this chibi themed adventure.  Your imagination has probably not had a work out since those good old days. So let's go back to when it was really all about imagining worlds and roleplaying . With lots of fun, fart jokes, plenty of crude humour, comedy, and a great set of challenging levels and tasks, you'll want more, and if you do, just leave a comment! 

This game runs on a laugh now pay later policy, so please donate if you had a great time. :)

Play as Ellie, and Max who together travel through an imaginative story from their best friend Jake, he's quite the story teller! The group of friends play a role in the story and challenges which are ahead.


  • 25-30 minutes of gameplay.
  • A number of challenges spread over 2 game zones.
  • Dungeon / Challenges.
  • Fun / and enjoyable story.
  • Amazing top down graphics.
  • Animated scenes and original sound effects.
  • Many custom sprites and graphics.
  • Fun power ups to use.
  • Feel good game-play.
  • Made with RPG Maker VXACE