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Thanks :) Yes, unfortunately the paddles are cut off, idk why I guess it's just the WebGL build being weird lol, I actually am planning on making it a mobile game :D I didn't think the paddles were too small, I was testing it with my family and they all thought the size was fine, the trick to hitting the ball on the serves is making sure you hang around the middle so you can easily go up or down, can't make it too easy or it would be boring :D

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Liked the concept, however, I don't feel the gameplay was explained well enough, as i was a little confused on what i was doing and why, and if i pressed e next to a door i would teleport into the ground and then e again i would teleport to goodness knows where, it was black and white and weird lol.... Also the more "civilians" the laggier it got lol

Thanks heaps for your feedback :) It is a little difficult to jump onto the first two platforms, but I'm curious as of how you managed to use a block to boost on the second one, as it requires both boxes on the buttons :D (It is possible without boosting on the box on the first one, it's just a little more difficult)

Post all of your suggestions here.

No problem :)

Hey, so there’s obviously some really obvious games breaking the jam rules, being submitted instantly, and one even having been submitted to 15 jams! Can an admin take these down or do something about it?

Hi everyone, can't wait for the jam, not sure I'll have a very good game (compared to some others that get posted) though :D

Oh and any feedback on the ui would be very, very welcome :D

Oh and yeah the weird lighting, will try figure that one out, I’m not that great on the graphics side of thing though, as you can probably tell based on the player and lighting at the moment etc. :D

Thanks heaps :) I will make that change, the using normal guns to break platforms* The feature of the rocket jumping sending you way higher was intended, but I may lessen the force it outputs cause it goes a bit too high at the moment lol, will add cracks at some point, and maybe a destroy animation for platforms (cracks, and breaking apart etc.) a bit further in the dev process, I’m just chipping away at it at the moment :) Thanks again for your feedback, it is invaluable in helping me make decisions and figure out what to do next :)

Also version 18 and 19 were the same, just a bit less polished :)

you can press r to reload but its not very visual rn :D

oh yes very good idea

yes I’m working on fixes for the exiting the box thing, the platforms despawn bcuz otherwise it would be wayyyyy too cluttered

thx a lot :D yes this is very early in development and I’m doing all I can to make it fun to play :)

Haha yes, I’m working on some fixes for the exiting the box, I think I’ll just make it so if you go too high or too low you die, and the idea of permanent platforms is alright I guess.... I just think it would get a bit cluttered is all, I could increase the delay time, but idk...

Awesome, will work on those features, now that you mention it, numbers sound better than a health bar, but maybe we could combine the two, so numbers on the health bar? hmmm i guess i could add longer reload times to the pistol and make it a sniper, and add like 3 bullets to the pistol but make them do 50 damage each shot, does that sound good to you?

yeah i am working on all those features :) the third gun will probably allow you to rocket jump and there is a lobby feature (kinda) but if the game is started then everyone instantly skips that when they join. the sounds i am working out, multiplayer syncing is annoying :D, chat, OMG, don't even get me started on chat, its terrible, i plan to improve it don't worry :) Death screen definitely, the current version is simply for development testing and is nowhere near what the final project will look like (if i continue this project, which i think i will) faster movement and reload animation are also in development :) thanks heaps for your feedback!

yeah sounds cool but is an obvious ripoff of the game Among Us...

An INFINITE Puzzle Maze Game, NEVER Run Out Of Mazes To Solve Ever Again!!!

Please Check It Out I've Spent A While On This Game!

Thx :)

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Ok the sfx have been added, as well as the control indication :D I will try and find more time to add particles tommorow :) 

I’m glad you liked the terrain :D I spent a lot of time making it and wish that I hadn’t as when we actually made the game and set the camera angle only 10% of what i’d painstakingly placed was visible *groan* Yes, we will definitely try to add the things you mentioned, I think we lost motivation towards the end as we had no one but ourselves playtesting, and we would focus only on the errors and a second opinion has boosted my motivation, so thank you very much :)

I have never seen a real ferret...

idk why but pressing “a” doesn’t start the game, I tried the browser and exe version...

Definitely a fun game but doesn’t fit the theme, also curious how you set up the server side multiplayer, and what multiplayer tool did you use?

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Yes, I am going to try and implement a player hurt animation and a enemy die animation today, thx for the suggestion, we were in a hurry to build before the deadline (WebGL was acting up) so we didn’t get time to implement those... Edit: features mentioned implemented...

Thx so much!