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So, let me get this straight here Amos. At the time of this post, you have a five-part postmortem draft of everything! that went into making this new and improved itch app and it doesn't even cover the whole first year of it? How long is the final draft going to be, then?

I agree. It's why I use Mozilla's Firefox as my main browser. So, to use Chrome is a bit eh for me. But, the itch app team has done such a FANTASTIC! job so far using Chromium that I don't mind it as much, given my experience with other programs like FlashPeak Slimjet.

An RPGMaker game with a GameBoy Color style! Very interesting! I hope to see how far this goes while also inspiring other RPGMaker users to use the GameBoy Color style, too.

I got here from there, too. From how Nitro Rad presented it, it looks interesting. And the aesthetic this game went with is interesting.

It's good that you were still able to download it: even with the problems you've been having with MEGA.

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Why can't you? As far as I'm aware, MEGA is the easiest, most hassle-free storage service ever.

I figured deleting the game's directory would be the next step, but I was worried that that might cause even more problems. But, since you seem so confident with that solution, then I'll do just that. Thanks!

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Reinstalling did resolve the issue. But, I think the actual issue was that saving the game after changing the auto-fullscreen setting caused it to bug out: If that's a problem that can be patched out, great! Also, since I reinstalled the game from the desktop app, now whenever I click on "check for update", there's no acknowledgement that an update check was made. I think that has more to do with the app itself than the game's installation. So, I'll try as clean a reinstall as possible to see if that resolves this newfound issue. UPDATE: I can't uninstall the game from the desktop app. So if any updates come in, I might not receive them. Sorry if I'm causing so many problems for you.

Thank you for the workaround: it worked. I really hope you find the source of the fullscreen bug. When I made that post, though, it was after the new update was released, so maybe a fullscreen setting bug happened. I'll reinstall the game to see if that'll resolve anything.

(I'm playing the game from the desktop app) The auto-fullscreen setting doesn't work: it's bugged, even with a gamesave. One time, though, without a gamesave, the auto-fullscreen setting was on, but it didn't fullscreen but when I closed and reopened it, it fullscreened regardless of setting it to off, even with a gamesave. Just from the intro alone, this game has me hooked, but this auto-fullscreen bug is getting in the way of enjoying the game.