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Galaxy of strawberries

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Hi, first of all I have to say that your game is really amazing, it's very detailed and rich with content without being just another nsfw game.

But I'm having trouble with Rowan's upgrades. When it comes to skills and feats, armour and everything that needs him to upgrade I can't do it! I got to add some points and choose which feat I want but no matter what I do I can't get the option to it again. It just doesn't appear. I'm on week 26 I think.

I also have about 250 gold yet I don't know where to spend it! I would be able to buy something from Cal-Min but besides that very first option to either buy something from her or buy an upgrade for the castle, I can't get any purchasing options with her.

and I also can't get the minotour to forge me anything, he says he can't spare iron and if I can find more he'll make me something, but every iron amount I find goes directly to the forge. And he tells me the same thing!

Thank you SO MUCH! you guys are the best! it worked ^_^

Hi, I have a problem! Every time I try launching the demo it says that it's not compatible with my windows version, I downloaded the itchio app but it still said the same thing! (This version of %1 is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computer's system information and then contact the software publisher.) I REALLY want to play it! I have windows 10 - 32bit.

This is so beautiful and stunning! I got the romance ending and every moment they had was special and so beautiful! Amazing work!

In my play through I got it when he told mc that people find him unnerving and I chose people get unnerved when a handsome guy stares at them, it was so cute!! ^^

I love this game so, so, much! I just finished Mithamoore's route and it was so sweet and cute! Thank you for making this awesome game! Great work! Also the music was amazing! The art was cute and beautiful! The writing was so heart touching I cried! Truly amazing!