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Why 64 bit? Game specs on Steam show a humble dual-core CPU, 2 GB of memory and DX9. 32-bit would suffice.

Tileset is cool too, BTW. The sort I personally like in roguelikes the most, simple and effective.
Though now there are people who can develop and play 3D (sic!) roguelikes... Unthinkable!

Shadow of the Wyrm community · Created a new topic Tiles?

Greetings to you, o mighty wyrm-charmer! May I humbly ask, is there any probability of adding graphic tiles (maybe even some simple and basic variants) in game in some distant and ominous future? ASCII realm looks so frightening for an unaccustomed traveler...

Thanks in advance and good luck!

Hey, very cool concept!

If you meant to use Latin though, 'death' in nominative should be Mors, not Mort.

Good luck in your dungeoneering!


Looks REALLY cool! Will it run on WinXP though?


I got Siralim 2 (as well as Siralim 1, of course) here on Itch, later on Steam I saw Trials of the Gods free expansion. Does Itch S2 version contain TotG?

And is upcoming Siralim 3 planned to be on Itch (I personally prefer DRM-free version, and not obtrusive Steam client-DRM)?

Thanks in advance and thanks for a fantastic old-school games!