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You are the one and only mayor in space. Holding the title as mayor is a big responsibility, you must manage your city's life support, oxygen levels, population, habitat modules, food production and more! Although being a mayor will surely induce some headaches, being a mayor also means you're the top dog, the ruler of the city and with that comes some kick ass fun!

If you're interesed in this project, or are just curious or lurking around. Development will be updated here!


I'm a young game developer. I've always had a knack for computer. When I was a really young age I remember creating a console program that would reverse a string input. I thought it was quite cool! I've been programming for 6 years total now that may be more than some of the adults here have. For a little over a year now I've been primarily focused in C# and Java, I do also know C++ and a few other high level scripting languages like Python.

Let's get to know a little bit about me, eh. My favourite color has always been and will always be Cyan! If you haven't noticed yet I'm from the snowy region of Canada which coincidentally it isn't even snowing here and it's not quite cold here either (odd, right?). I enjoy a multitude of games such as RPG's but by far my favourite types of games are Simulation games such as the Sims Series, Zoo Tycoon, Kerbal Space Studio, Theme Park Studio, but my most favourite game series and probably the game series that has brought me weeks of joy is the Roller Coaster Tycoon series and I'm waiting ecstatically for Roller Coaster Tycoon World!

I discovered libGDX and this community a few weeks ago. Before discovering libGDX I was using LWJGL for all my Java game development needs.I must say both libGDX and LWJGL are superb game libraries for Java.

I will be entering this game jam with my younger brother. I am the brains of the project, programming, audio, assets, etc.. My younger brother will be contributing game ideas alongside useful suggestions, testing, debugging, and jokes.

My list of tools are as follows. IntelliJ IDEA, Photoshop CS6, Paint.NET (for art that doesn't need complexity). Some audio tools I'll be using are SFXR, BFXR, Milky Tracker, Bosca Ceoil, and Audacity. We will be making a 2D game and of course using libGDX! I wish everyone the best of luck.

May the odds be in my favor,