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5DGame community · Created a new topic 5DG #3 - Mothership

This week I'll try to explore a concept I've been thinking about for quite some time.
I want to do a spaceship simulator where the layout of the ship is composed of modular blocks for each "room" the crew uses, like engine rooms, control room, gun turrets, and they click together like building blocks.

The player needs to physically run around the spaces to access the rooms if they want to engage with the room's mechanics (like running to  the control room to steer the ship or to the turret run to manually shoot the guns), and the modules can be built or destroyed, losing their functionality along with it (a lost engine room is a lost engine, you cant propel the ship from there anymore).

I think the modular blocks will be the hardest to implement, but it will probably be really fun.

Let's do it.

5DGame community · Created a new topic 5DG #2 - Hellscape
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This week I took a long time to find something fun to work with.

I wanted to do something related to dungeon crawlers and hack'n'slash but I always want to make my projects casual and endless, easy to pickup and put down so an actual RPG with generated dungeons seemed too much work to do in 5 days and would be harder to engage with.

I ended up going with an arena-style game where you just fight enemies endlessly, and now Im thinking of how to add longevity to it.

I have the arena configuration changing over time to keep the player on edge when navigating, and the combat is really punitive as of now, to push the player towards using the deeper mechanics instead of just standing around clicking. I intend to add an equipment system and a simple goal, like collecting treasures that spawn, to keep the player moving and taking risks.

I imagine that if anything fails, it'll be the equipment system, since I still need to implement and polish a bunch of different items and think of interesting design differences to give them apart from just smaller/bigger values. 

We'll see.


I'll usually start new topics each Monday morning.

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For my first week I'm gonna do a simple combat experience with the player embodying a random soldier in a large open battle.
The player can choose between unit types (heavy, light, ranged) with different playstyles, and the first side to break through the enemy's gates win.

The main experience I want to achieve with it is letting the player feel as part of a bigger scene, with AI agents running around and fighting independent of you while turret towers and catapults create chaos on the crowd.

Let's hope it turns out fun!

that's a bug we  had a lot of fun when we discovered. you can even hit the ricocheted magic missile with the sword to make it wobble away.

still so much to do in two days hahah

If you need some illustrations, I could help.

I just wanted to say that your game's name translated in portuguese reads like "pew pew naughv mew" and it sounds way cooler than in english.

Great work btw.

they detail it better on twitter.

Thanks for playing!
I actually went and adjusted the stuff you said in the video about the locked cursor and sensitivity, if you wanna give it a retry.

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As long as you keep moving I dont think you can actually lose, even with a shit ton of drones on scene.
Tricky part is mastering the movement system to avoid needing to make sharp turns and full stops, like getting stuck on walls and such.

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Thanks! Yeah, intentional but not that much.
It's really quirky and needs time getting used to. I experimented with different dashes, jumps and flying mechanics but this one ended being the simplest to "get", although not to control.

Maybe I should add some stability into it, like cancelling all previous momentum when using and giving better air control. Idk.

It's kinda intentional, since I opted not to clamp the vertical axis because of how much vertical movement and above/below aiming happens, but it proved to be an issue with this mouse sensitivity.

I'll add an option to change it.

It needs several fixes but I'll add those to the list haha.