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Gabriel Strzal

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Hi Filipe!

Thank you for you feedback.

I'll keep in mind to add Dark Souls references in the future. Or maybe make a new game... Dark Insect's Souls.... What do you think?

All the best,


Very nice game so far. Loved the gameplay, very simple but entertaining.

Thanks for making the game!
Keep the good work.

Interesting game. I liked the controls and the gameplay. It feels really responsive. The art fits the type of game. One point that could be improved is the camera, it follows the player severely and becomes a bit distracting. Other than that, I really enjoyed it. Keep the good work. Congrats.

Thanks for you feedback.

The game needs fixing in several places. I will continue making improvements.

I'm thinking of making the characters differences more evident progressively, with each level. 

Thanks for you comment.

Just to let you know, I did an update to the game, now it has simple high score in the game over screen. Thanks for the feedback.

Hi @OuttaSite. Glad you liked it. Thanks for the comment. I will implement that for sure. Still a lot to do.