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It doesn't matter how you do it as long as the connection to the them makes sense, last time the theme was "mirror" so it could have been understood as: the object mirror, to reflect, to copy, etc...

Good luck! :D

Thank you so much for informing me!

I must have uploaded this incorrectly, trying to find a way to fix it right now.

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Why did ue4 not want to cooperate? :,C

My game is taking so long to package! :C

I hope I can make it :/

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I haven't made any levels yet!!! :C

Also my menus look bland and ugly af :P

Only have half the sounds (and music).

And I havent made some meshes and some meshes are being shared :(

But I must tredge on to complete my first game! (besides Pong in Unity ;P)

I guess I'm getting a small taste of what "crunching" is like ;P

Glad some people have already finshed their games, and to those who haven't: whomever you are, I believe in you! You can finish this! We can do this together!

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Didnt see your reply until now (sorry) :C

What you could do is:

1. Post just one long level and that would cut off so much work.

2. (if gameplay is feeling like a boring walking simulator) you could make "keys" that when touched deletes itself and adds 1 to a keys counter; so when the spiders linecast hits a "door" the player can click and delete it which removes 1 from the key counter, that would make levels not a strait path and I highly recommend it. :D

Extremely sorry for the late reply :C

I've always known pumpkins were evil!!!

Thanks! I'm trying to polish it up as fast as I can.

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The title screen is looking good, the pumpkins are looking kind of out of place though (probably the lack of outlines on them)

I like the minimalist art-style! And you have the right mind-set, learning is the point of this game jam :D

Nice! You just inspired me to experiment making a turn based game prototype after the jam :D

Oh my gawd! this is hilarious XD

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Aww :( your game looked so cool. I understand it turning into a chore, I scrapped my old game because it was boring. And I also understand terrible time management and also (for me atleast) an unclear vision.

Does your game have a menu? You could release an unfinished version.

Your work was both creative and interesting, best of luck to your schooling!


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same here >.<

I wasted so much time and even scrapped a half complete project

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This is my new game! (I scrapped the old one because it was very boring)

This game, which I'm naming "Flip side", contains the 'flipping' mechanic which I am extremely proud of :D

The center-piece mechanic allows the player to 'flip' to the reverse side of designated platforms, the players view and gravity are reversed as well. Cubes can be picked up and placed on buttons to activate them, silver cubes can be 'flipped' alongside the player while gold cubes cannot. Buttons can activate moving platforms. And there are unstable platforms that fall (which I forgot to demo).

I spared your ears this time, there is no sound :P

Hopefully I can finish it in time. Please tell me what you think :)

Oh my gawd! I love it!

That's a lot more intersting :P

Wow, its already looking so good! Have you considered having the AI just run in the direction opposite of the player (no jumping or anything) ?

I restarted from scratch because of that very reason :P (not actually being fun)

Can't wait to play the finshed version

Nice! I like how you did your research. And it is usally the small things that can make it look just that much better!

Everytime I'm more and more impressed and intrigued how its played.

Nice! I like the mysterious, dream-like, setting with all the Norse letters. Also your character looks better then mine ever will :P

Well your game definitely looks the most polished so far :D


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I swear you used some sort of black magic to make this so fast!

Teach me your ways new senpie 0.o

Lol that works too and is much easier :P

I feel your pain. Hope you managed to fix it!

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correct me if I misunderstood, but are you saying you wrote your own 3d engine?

Ps: I love the art! kinda reminds me a bit of osrc

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have you looked into spawning two players that handle their own movement separately and the camera just switches the possessed player (using the possess node: https://docs.unrealengine.com/...) hopefully I was helpful :D

How do you handle character movement?

Nice! You got very fun looking puzzles with a simple to understand mechanic. Can't wait to try!

It looks fun! can't wait to play it! :D

Genius! There are so many cool possibilities!

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I still got a lot to do. This is my first game jam so there are many things I'll do better next time.

Also sorry about the audio :P

And yes my computer specs are from 2003

I like the fog the way it is. if you aren't happy with the character model the fog will help hide small flaws.