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This looks super good! Nice job dude :D

Wow! what a great game to play that was :D The only thing you might improve is probably the music, since it becomes a bit repetitive after a while. Other than that, great job dude!

Dude, you really need to illuminate the planet's surface! It's really dark and i was barely able to see what i was picking up; The idea is actually great, but you should really place a light or two around the planet (or increase the ambient lighting a bit too, maybe the exposure in your skybox's setttings) :P

Very nice game! You should probably add a nice background and reduce a bit the difficulty at the start of the game... it may discourage new players; Other than that, it looks promising!


I now have a twitter account: ! I'll be posting regular updates on here, so go follow me there :D

Hey, some time has passed and I finally started working on my game! I have a twitter account, where I'll be posting updates about the progress I make as time passes :D 

Great work! This actually inspired me to create my own game! It's still a demo, but the gameplay is really awesome, and it gives me and my friends lots of fun. Great job dude, really :D