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I'm hearing that a bit :P

Thanks, If make a sequel then i'll add a tutorial level and try to have the difficulty ramp up slowly. Also making  the hole game a bit more player friendly. 

Yeah, I think I should have had a simple little tutorial level for people to get there bearings on things.

I was the only one testing it and I was hyped up on energy drinks during that, Looking back now probably not the best way to test the game.

Thanks, Ill look into that.

I'm having a problem opening your game :/ You might want to check your download link.

Thanks, It wasn't easy :P

Thank, it took forever to get it working right. I couldn't find a tutorial anywhere on how to use the destructible mesh so i had to figure it all out on my own.

Well I've finally finished and uploaded.

As is this is the best "unity FPS" I've ever played by far. I really liked how the guns felt, the level design and the overall style. Can't wait to play the finished thing.

So hows that game going? Just out of interest.