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Absolutely not.

Hey all! Me and the friend who did the art for the game decided to talk about remaking this game as a full browser game with more shooting types, enemies, and other potentially secret stuff since a lot of people asked for a fully fleshed out version.

Thanks for playing and leaving comments :D

Really cool multiplayer! You don't see a lot of that in game jams. Gameplay feels good and polished enough for a jam. Most importantly, the game is fun. Alone or with friends.

Didn't expect it to be as fun as it is! Works surprisingly well for the time given, but also works as a step for a more complete game in the future. Keep it up!

This is so cute, there are no bad combinations and the music is very relaxing. Awesome job!

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Hello people!

My name is Gabe. I'm a game designer, creative programmer and interactive artist who lives in Canada. I am always interested in experimental mechanics in small game projects that explore a single, focused and engaging idea. Most of the time I'm busy making prototypes of things that I think are cool or using javascript to make interactive art on the web (a woobsite should be coming soon...).

If you have any projects in development and want feedback or even some help (I don't charge for help), feel free to send me a message!

I exist here:

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Hi! My name is Gabe, I've been adding some prototypes to my itch profile and I'm finally ready to show them to the the world (hello world, if you will...). They are mostly about mechanics that I wanted to try out.

I'm most interested for you to try this one: https://rocknredpanda.itch.io/gravity-pong

This is another prototype that I've been working on lately, a build may show up on my page soon:

I appreciate new ideas and opinions. Even your dirty, moist hate-mail is welcomed.

Thanks yall

This looks amazing, good job!

Thank you! The exam went pretty well :D. I apologize for this game, it was a stream of consciousness that never made any sense and It is almost impossible to finish it. Perhaps someday I'll turn this into a more interesting twine story or something. In the mean time, thank you for playing and I appreciate the comment :)

Really fun game! reminds me of Super Crate Box a lot, exited to see what you do next.

PS: How did you do the lighting, It looks amazing.

Beautiful, an amazing experience. Until I found the invisible walls. Maybe you should think of a better way to end the playable world.

Really cool, been looking for something like this for so long! Thank you and I'll make sure to credit you.

Replied to LydiaE in Playtest!

Thank you! I'll look into it. A main menu not working properly is a big probem :)

Awesome game! There is one problem though, the sound FX that plays when you finish a level is very annoying to hear with headphones. You should think about changing that.

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This takes me back to old PC isometric ball-controlling games. But with the game boy style to it. Keep it up!

Created a new topic Playtest!

Hey! I submitted the first version of my game today, and I would really appreciate if anyone could take a few minutes to play it and give me feedback. Don't hold back, tell me what you think!

Tha link: https://rocknredpanda.itch.io/