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I'm not good at giving constructive criticism or anything, so i'll just say this. I loved the demo, and i can't wait to see the full release. Keep up the good work!

I'm really want to play this, but in a future update could you consider making a zip folder of the game for those of us that can't download .rar files?

Thanks a lot!

Oh ok, thanks a lot for your help! :)

Thank you for responding. I actually was on the website but whenever i tried to download a .rar file it would bring this up. It would open it with realplayer, instead of Windows explorer like it normally would if it was a .zip file, I don't know why. Any help is appreciated.

Hi, I was wondering if there will be a future update where you could change the .rar files to .zip files instead? It will make it a lot easier to download.

Every time i download a rar. file it won't let me play the game. Does anyone know how to fix this?