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Thank you so much!

Neat take on the theme, I loved the waves and the enemy design. I did find that i couldnt die and I quit the game a couple times while in the upgrade menu and thinking esc or the exit would take me out of the menu. Other than that a nice little arcade game which is lots of fun :)

Simple cute game, would love to see more levels with more types of hunters and more interesting puzzles. Some more feedback on where the hunters are moving to or are going to aim would be nice to add in a post-jam version :)

Nice take on the theme and great assets, did find the jump a bit unpredictable. Other than that really great music!

Sweet concept and nice music. Did find the horizontal movement made the platforming incredibly difficult at points but the quick restart and good checkpoints meant I did eventually get to the end

Thanks Im glad you liked it. Yea if youre not destroying the block then it is essentally optional. Will probably add enemies that cant be bunced on that you have to use the gun for.

Thank you. Interesting, I found if its any faster it gets impossible to see whats coming, I do think I will add an option to cancel jumps by pressing down while youre in the air as I think thats part of why it feels so slow.

Neat concept,  I had a lot of fun. Maybe limiting the amount of rotation that the player could do would add more challenge or making it so the rotation is slower and you move it with arrow keys or something. Some enemies that have more difficult movement would also add to the challenge. Either way with some screenshake and a bit more juice it could be a great little game :)

Nice take on the theme and i love the sound design really felt like a cold winter planet. I did find that the platforming was a bit hard to control with me knowing what I want to do but the game not letting me do it as I would slip off platforms and walls a lot. Also the hitboxes for the spikes were very unforgiving and maybe some checkpoints when you enter a new room would be nice.

Overall neat game, with some more polish like adding coyote time it will be great!

Thank you, I as going for that kinda vibe so I'm glad :) yea mk not good with making music but thank you for the suggestion. I will add it in after!

Thank you! :)

Neat game, i like the minigames infividually but wanted something to connect them all, like maybe an overall score or something. Other than that nice game :)

Neat take on the theme, could see this being a really cool postjam game, would have like a tooltip that told me what the objects did and had a couple time where i got the target time but it said i should retry. Other than that nice game :)

Neat game idea and great artwork, would love to see where this goes with enemy AI, scoring and unlocking different rock shapes through play! :)

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Thanks  I'm glad you like it so much! :) Defo more  I wanna add to it so keep an eye out. The fixed version is technically in the jam just in the 24 grace period for fixes and stuff.

Will add music but I'm not good at making it so may take  while!

Nice concept and fun execution, once i failed a game the game didnt let me do anything else and just pointed into space, other than that a neat game :)

Nice take on the theme and neat execution of it.

Really nice and focused game and very polished

Really nice aesthetic and nice take on the theme but i did find the controls confusing other than that neat puzzle game :)

Neat game and i like the colour pallet options. The main character was very fast so i found it hard to spot things like spikes. Also an option to disable the shake on steps would be nice as i found it a bit jarring ontop of the fast movement. Other than that a nice game with some good polish :)

Neat and focused game, I did struggle to know what i was doing and why some things were happening like not being able to shoot but i still kept playing cos it was fun!

Really neat game idea and nice execution. Did find the controls a bit difficult but other than that it was a fun little game :)

Thanks, glad you liked it. Yea I think I'll fix that issue with giving them durability or something :)

Thanks so much. yea I wanted the character to be as smooth as possible, I'm glad he work didnt go unnoticed! :)

Neat game with simple to understand mechanics. Did take me a hot second to work out that the ladders could be climbed, maybe introducing them would help anyone who gets stuck, other than that nice game.

Neat game with a nice artsyle, I did find it hard to tell waht was going to kill me and things like spikes and bullets didnt always kill me and i sometime broke them, other than that a really neat game

Really neat game with great juice in the gameplay. Did feel a bit out of control when you got to later levels as youd get stunnlocked by all the enemies, other than that great little experience :)

Thank you, im glad you had so much fun and liked it. I thought both modes would be fun. Aha the idea was youre putting on a gameshow for the devil but i didnt get a chance to add any dialogue or scenes with the devil except the beginning text so i get why it looks weird.

Thank you  glad you liked it! Have you checked out the fixed version at

Aha thank you, thats so kind! The fixed version is submitted to the afterparty so hopefully should be added to this jam soon.

Defo more id love to add so more levels will come soon

Aha thank you, thats so kind! The fixed version is submitted to the afterparty so hopefully should be added to this jam soon

They sound like great ideas, you can defo add them in a post-jam version for sure! 

Neat concept with some solid gameplay, (and funny dialogue) some extra juice on the combat would be a great final touch :)

A fixed version of the game has been submitted to the afterparty so you can get the intended experience if you have time to play it :)

Ahah nice pun! Yep  it inspired the art style. Yeah thats a problem with their pathfinding I know how to fix it. Ah thats not nice to hear i bet, neat suggestion. Have you played the fixed version i submitted to the afterparty?

Thanks Im glad you liked it. Interesting, i could definitely move the UI so that doesnt happen! if you havent check out the fixed version i submitted late

Noooo ive just noticed that! thanks for the feedback :) I didnt have time to get them to go over the lava but that is the future plan. Yea inspired by the art of baba is you

Thank you! :) Ah fair enough, might need to do some tweeking on the difficulty of the levels. did you try the endless mode?

I planned on having cinematics with the devil talking to you but i didnt have time for the art, cos the idea is that youre confined to hell and have to put on a game show for the devil but obviously the devils idea of a game show is murder!

A smaller area is neat idea! Thanks for playing

Haha well great minds think alike :)