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Really cute and smooth animations, the art as a whole is great! The story is quite simple, I like it! Maybe one UX problemo with book menu, I click on it and want to leave this menu, so I click on "quit" button... And my game turns off. This is not a very intuitive way of closing the game/book i think, maybe you should have added a pause menu which has quit button, and that button will quit the book menu. This one tho didn't have much negative impact on the experience. Great job!

Thanks for playing and the feedback! We'll be experimenting with leaf spacing and sprites in general! We also will be looking into ways of getting the game in a no-repetitive state to make it more entertaining!

Thank you so much for taking your time playing and assembling the feedback, we really appreciate it! The UX will be worked on more thorougly to make all UI interaction smooth like butter! Your suggestions will be taken into account, we are truly grateful!

Thanks for your time playing and assembling the feedback! We will definitely be expanding the game to make it less repetitive and more variable! Your suggestions will be taken into account!

Really nice artwork and world design! Got stuck down there with explosives with nowhere to go, sadly:(

Honestly, really well done! Polished and simple, I like it! Level design is tight, too, not every level can be completed first-try! All the art is great, I really love the parallax effect in the background! Also, sound effects and music choice is great here, too! Awesome job for a first major game!

I really really love the art and location design! That fence made of matches is just something else! The puzzles a clever and clear and the ending is fun! Pathfinding could use some work, based on walking around in the tree house, that pillow was messing with me when I tried to leave! Also, I must say, for this type of game, I think holding LMB for walking is not that intuitive, prolly better to just click and let the character walk there, or click RMB to walk and LMB to interact. Awesome job on the atmosphere tho, nice game overall!

Nicely done art and music fits really well! In my opinion, tha camera shake when you move diagonaly, is too intense, so maybe look into fixing it a little. Also, not really intuitive where to go so I spent some time figuring that out. All the nitpicks didn't have much negative impact on the experience, good job on this one!

O boi o boi, this is a hard work you put in this piece of feedback, thank you for your suggestions and even examples, goddaym! We'll be working on improving the coziness and lowering the frustration levels in future updates, so stay tuned if interested! And also, thanks for taking your time playing the game and giving this much useful info, we really appreciate that!

I so so feel you about sleeping in, so tired these days. Also u made me uncontrollably sneeze while i read "minimum comfort" lmao

Nice art and level design! Controls are like getting over it 2 honestly, really difficult to get used to. One moment: There is a small chance to land on the stipe, which leads to getting stuck. Maybe change collider form to make it fall to one side to another.. Overall, awesome job, I like this tricky game!

As a solo developer it's a great job, for a first game ever, too! Animation transitions should be worked on, I mean the one after examining the clue, I just slide wile thonking! Coudln't find one of the clues due to nice level design, couldn't find another due to poor intuitive content, I mean the clues should look distinctive in such a level, so you should pay attention to that. Also, the ending is nice and funny but the text wiped so fast I couldn't read it properly the first time and had to replay, so maybe a title screen on finding the last clue? It's for you to decide. Honestly, good job, the first game for most people is a struggle and it's great that you are taking part in a gamejam with this project, especially if you want to learn and grow in this industry. Keep up the good work, well done!

Thank you for playing! We’ll be looking into ways of changing some gameplay features to keep a player more engaged and for the game to be more fun and interesting. Thanks for your feedback!

Great harvest&combat game, really really good! Scythe gets too fast tho, which is a little bit sad cus there is a need of enemy variety and more upgrades. Farming is nicely done and movement is cool! Awesome job, I hope you will update the game!

Totally loving the environment and the idea! Lovely work on this one!

Thanks for playing our game! At the moment, there is truly a fine line between coziness and frustration, so we are looking into ways to improve this mechanic and make leaves collecting more enjoyable and variable!

Great cats, great art, great story! I love the liveliness of every living being here! Great job!

Aight, a jrpg here, took me forever to beat the mayor, and pumpkins beat me like a child. All I can say is TABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun farmin simulator! Never thought of implementing it like this! Nice artstyle and animations, they're so smooth it feels like they start before I even click! I think it would work a little better if a player knew about how many actions are avaliable at the moment, that way the choice can be made more thorougly, like to water or to harvest. Overall, great job!

Nice art and level consistency, also character is great! Sounds are awesomely made here, good job on that one! I had some issues with glide, honestly, could use a bit more balance for glide time and like gravity decrease. Also, the key used to glide, shift, is not that intuitive, prolly swap it to space hold, sould be much better. Overall, awesome job, two colors here are nice, keep it up!

Well, a clicker is a clicker, its fun tho, and addictive!

Man ima get some snacks and coffee, unfortunately no fireplace where I live, but all those thoughts in my head are based on ur game's coziness, great job for a fun lil game!

Such a simple yet original mechanic! It's like you are controlling the environment, not the leaf, great job, I like it!

Thank you for playing and for the feedback! We'll be updating the level plus the tree types in some time!

Amazing art and story, good job! Sounds and atmosphere are high-tier, too! I really-really loved the characters and the whole game! Awesome job on this one!

I got fired at 7th case cus I didn't pay enough attention:( But it's really tricky and well-made. Great job!

Awesome art and dialogues! Sound and music are great, really really polished. I'm looking forward to your game's updates!  Great work!

First of all, i'm sorry for your father figure, I feel you on that. The game is like too funny, good job on that! You made me a minimum wage employee there and you made me uncontrollably sneeze when I clicked on tutorial. I honestly awaited like top finko cafes numero finko.. you know, And then you hit me with Hideo just because. Man this is really really good! Customer designs are great, also the prompts are fun! Brewing mechanic is quite simple but pretty much polished. Overall, I got fired for war crimes, great game!

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Art is great, overall idea is cool, too! Foraging mushrooms is a great cozy activity and I like it here! 3D mushroom inspector in a 2D world is a really clever idea, which I really liked! Unfortunately, after giving in mushrooms after first day the ui for mushroom and day count disappeared:( It did not matter too much in the end tho, awesome job on this one!

Nice little game! I love the physics based objects falling down, it's really fun to mess around with worms and red apples with the cart. Good job!

upd: i changed refreshrate to 60 and it did nothing, it's all high fps fault then..

Great job! Art, sound and farming are all nicely done! The only thing that is weird to me is i think, my Vsync. You see, when i run the game on my 144hz monitor the day ends in mere seconds, so I could only plant like 8 crops at a time? Time in Unity works best when you use Time.deltaTime, so be sure to check it out! I managed to earn a thousand moneys with dying all the time when watering the last of my crops due to high fps. It's a little bit sad, but doesn't make the game bad, so good job! Just be careful with timers later on :P

Great game! Charming story, really stunning art and character design! I just wish there would be a gamemode to make more tea, this mechanic is really satisfying! Keep it up, guys, you did awesome!

Fun little game! I like the way she sits, really cute! You've done great, maybe add some sounds later on! Keep it up, you got it!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Thank you for playing! Our artist is really glad you like the atmosphere

Thank you for playing! We’ll most likely be reconsidering some aspects of the game!

Thanks for playing! We’ll be tweaking how collection works in later updates!

Thank you, we are glad you like it!

Thank you for playing, we really appreciate it!