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Thanks pal

Thanks for playing my game! Sorry if you were laggy...

¡Me alegra que te guste! El personaje, desafortunadamente, no puede correr. Pero tu reseña significa mucho para mí, gracias.

This game is such a trip. I love it

Very interesting idea you have there. The GetMouseButton made me chuckle. Very good for ~1.5 hours.

You get an A+

Cool, hope you had fun making it

Very nice game! Good atmosphere, great VA, good gameplay. The room feels tight and cramped, and the outside feels you feel unsafe and vulnerable.

If I may ask, how long have you been making games for and how long did this game take to make

congrats on the win,  liked the game

Wow, thanks so much. Nice to know that someone had fun playing one of my games. Also nice to know that I'M doing the right thing

Very nice!


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Will there be a top 3, 5, 10? Will there categories? Most fun, best graphics. Stuff like that. Or is it just for fun, no ranking or anything

Very nice. I like the dash mechanics

I played one of your games a bit ago, and once I saw your splash screen I got real exited. The game is amazing and has a very good sense of humor. Great job!

Pretty nice game. The story is interesting and was somewhat funny to see happen. I wish the game was a bit longer, and the setting a bit bigger. But other than that, very good game! Keep up the good work!

Pretty good game. It has a nice simple layout, which is perfect for a game like this. The basement scene caught me off guard, and I wish that there were more things like it. That's my only problem, the built up tension doesn't really lead anywhere. All and all, wonderful game!

Very good game with some nice tension. The chase and monster design scared me and the game looks very pretty! I would like to have a settings menu added to your next project, but overall amazing work!