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Incredible game! When is the VR port?

Once you press "start", the simulation starts and you arent supposed to do anything. Place objects BEFORE you press start. use right-click to place.

Read the itchio page! It states them. You select an object to place, place it with RIGHT-CLICK, and press start!

There are buttons in the bottom-left. Select them and place them on or around the island. Then click "start"!

Did you try both teams?

Thanks so much! I'll update the game soon, and I didn't know about the whole "geometric" thing until too late sadly.

I think it had a cool take on the theme too

Awesome game! I felt like after gliding, landing on the platform made me go SUPER fast for some reason, but overall, awesome!

Thanks! The action text isn’t all that changes—each unit has completely different attacks!


Thanks! I tried to add more strategic units but I ran out of time. Which side did you pick?

Thanks so much!


Great game, a bit hard. Interesting take on the theme, but sometimes the controls were a bit weird. Using W to jump might be easier. Otherwise, incredible! Great polish!

Nice game!! It was a bit confusing at the start, but otherwise, great!


Great game!! I think if there were more units, and each team was a different set of units (red might have higher damage but blue has more health) then it would be more interesting There were a few bugs, but it was pretty polished. My biggest problem was that I couldn't see the teams before the round started because the text covered them up. Try moving the text maybe? Anyways, nice game!



I’m not going to buy a $3 game without a trailer or screenshots.


Great game! Sorry I have you the wrong video lol

I may get this and feature it on my YouTube channel…

Really cool! I’m not sure yet, but I’m might get it and feature it on my YouTube channel!

not enough support. Working on Chasm rn, devlogs on my YT channel

thanks so much!!

Thanks so much!! +1 sub :)

Nah I'll just add extra lives

I think the calibrated inputs are swapping between jumps. I can work on that.

lol you can, you just need to press the key hard

You can't imagine last week?

Hey, I included your game in a video! 

Hey, I made a video on this game! 

yeah XD