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Very cool! I was not expecting this to be full 3D assets! The thumbnail definitely matches the comic exactly... but you could've shown off your great 3D art! Would've made it really stand out.

I loved the art and music, had a very nice vibe. I wanted to explore first thing.

I didn't love the controls tbh. I think it would've benefited from more traditional first-person controls, with mouse looking around, and WASD for movement. (Since you had to click stuff with the mouse anyway). And maybe a faster walk speed? That was the main thing that prevented me from finishing completely as the horizontal movement started to bug my eyes. It also felt like the camera in the hallway was very low to the ground.

I also would've liked to click the bottle and cork out of order. Sometimes I would find the number 2 bottle, but then have to go back to the cork, then go back again.

But overall, great work!

I had issues with the download links. I ended up finding the in-browser version and played that. I tried my best to be patient and make it to the end. I couldn't. :P I was liking the vibe but that was too painfully slow.

Great vid!!! 😄

I wanted to like this one as I'm a huge fan of guitar hero and rock band games. It's crazy impressive that you were able to make this in a weekend.

Does it work with a 360 controller? I wanted to try it with a controller but don't have my rockband stuff hooked up to my pc. It would probably be way better with a guitar controller.

The keyboard controls were somewhat difficult. But I think the biggest thing was needing some kind of feedback when you did well or messed up. There were a few sounds for playing wrong notes, but overall, seemed to play the same thing no matter what I did. So I never knew if I was doing good or not. (Until I failed :P). There was also no visual cue for hitting notes correctly. Just that lack of feedback made it very frustrating, even though I loved the concept.

Overall, still crazy impressive.

That was old skool kind of difficulty. Dang. Once I could make it past a few enemies, I'd smash into a wall. Differentiating the inside of the red building with a different color so it's clear where there is collision might help. Visuals were great though! And some nice enemy variety!

Had a blast with this one! :D I let out a giggle the moment the first cars crashed. The tuning on the car physics and the sounds are hilarious. So great.

I also liked the mechanic of launching the frog, there were times you got a great pileup and other times you would just miss completely. ( Would be nice if the arrow didn't embed in the ground though).

My biggest critique (and would be an easy change) is to not make the end HUD an opaque grey image.  I always went from laughing to being bummed the moment that screen showed up, just because there was no way to see all the destruction I caused. Feels like having a lot of fun and then someone comes up and covers your eyes. The game is already great fun, but if you just got rid of that gray background, and let the text overlay the traffic (while it continued to crash), would be 1000x more fun! :)

I had one round where it went on long enough the end screen didn't show up for a while.... it was so great! :D :D (I attached the screenshot)

The vibe of this game is fantastic! I love the simplistic but consistent look of the visuals... the mood and atmosphere overall is so great!! :D 

The flying of the bird looks amazing! My fav is the landing. The way it auto-targets branches, and flaps as it hovers to a land. All feels so great. It was fun to just fly around and explore.

One tweak might be following the bird's 'root' position while on the ground, (instead of body joint). To eliminate some of the camera up/down when moving on the ground. Flying didn't bug me though. The flight anim looks so great... makes me wish he had a little more animation while bouncing around on the ground. (Even if super simple, legs hopping, slight tail/wing motion, etc). But honestly, didn't bring the experience down, just would've made it that much better. Really cool stuff. :) Loved it.

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Overall, I really liked this. A fun take on the comic idea.. and trying to control traffic was really neat. I even tried just letting one lane go, but you lose if there is a pile up! :D So great! I also loved all the different pop-ups when you got a crash. So funny. :)

A couple things that could make it better:

- Sometimes pedestrians would get hit, but had never showed up. The art never showed at all. Which felt cheap.

- I could get a MUCH higher score by doing nothing. (I got over 6000 points by just letting all traffic lanes flow). I feel like the randomness on each lane should get a crash almost immediately if you don't stop traffic at all.

Overall, super cool concept! Nice job.

I loved the crafting for different outcomes!... I wanted to experiment with different combos more, but got too frustrated when I failed, and the game started over completely. If it just reset me to where I was before, that would've made it much more forgiving and fun. I liked the idea though! Very cute.

I wished the buns moved or got scared if you got too close or moved too quickly. Would've been a nice challenge and gave a reason for running vs crouching etc. Or trying to get that 'close-up shot'. But overall, great experience and very challenging!

Super cute game!! Love the music and overall tone. I like how it feels like a lot of players are with you. (Are those actual human players or ai? Impressive either way). Very cool concept.

My only issue with it is you tend to do better at the game by doing nothing. It became a goal to see if we could hide from buns long enough to become sad. :P It was quite difficult. lol. My wife got 125 happiness just by staying in a bush. The buns do need to show up in case you are unhappy, but I feel as your happiness gets higher, they should become harder to spot or something?

This is fantastic! I love each time you play the keys are different too. :D The subtle parallaxing on each panel adds so much! The motion and controls on the drone are really great.

Haha!! Thanks man! Me too...! :P

I played this with my daughters and we had a blast!! We could continue playing this for a while. So much fun with 2 players!

I almost did this comic and glad I didn't now... because this is fantastic! Great execution, and a lot of fun to see the moral each time. :D Really nice job!