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Based on what!!

Thanks! I'll play it again then so I can rate it.

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Good point! This would have definitely been more out of control.

Wow this is fricking impossible! I really like this idea, you have to balance muscle memory with actual memory!

I tried to keep it as pg as I could :x

Ahh ok :I

Ok that was funny. It's a really short game but I think it's the exact length it should be. The map is pretty as hell too!

There is UI that shows what actions you are programming if you fullscreen the game. :P

These bike games are very nostalgic! I'm surprised by how much the way you play the game changes once you remove weight distribution and reverse. The out of control theme is definitely loud and clear on this one! xdd

The colored wings and cards are an extremely clever solution to not knowing which side is going to turn! The game is very good, I just which you could simply click the cards to flick them instead of having to drag your mouse over the ship.

It's a well made game! I got to level 58. But I feel like the theme of “Out of Control” didn't really affect the design at all, which is what I like to see in game jams. I feel like you could have experimented a bit more.

*sweet, not sett :II

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That's genius!

Tower defense and bullet hell work so well together I'm surprised I haven't seen a game like this before. Everything in the game is excellent.

One really nitpicky detail is that I feel like the music is really good, but it doesn't fit the game at all. It's all technological and brass hits and random vocal clips, “system malfunction”... The feeling it invokes is of something computer-y and futuristic, which isn't the feel I got from playing, it feels like the music wasn't made for this game.

This is really minor though and doesn't affect the score I gave you at all, just something I wanted to note.

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This is very difficult! I've played other games on this jam like this and I really like the idea of controls switching on you. This one felt the most challenging, but still fair. The levels were short and sweet.

The driving feels super good! Drifting is very smooth and the blue area placement leads to some clever strategizing.

Interpretation of the theme was too obvious in my opinion. Disregarding that, I like everything else. Music, graphics, gameplay, all really polished.

How do I get past this part?

That's the furthest I can go but I can't switch to the enemy on the bottom right.

I really wanted to add a reaction, but at the same time I was getting fed up with how long I was taking to make the game. xpppp

Thanks for playing!

Such a cute game! Reminds me of Celeste with the graphics, the snow and such. I actually really like the idea of having to find yourself in the map based on the terrain. The game is good!

Pretty cute. The music for the shooting stage is super good! The concept and controls for it are kind of weird. When you press two keys at once, you can't walk diagonally, but when you release only one of them, you turn immediately instead of easing into it. Enemies can also spawn anywhere on the screen, so one can spawn right where you are and there is nothing you can do. Also, the bullets are randomized, but you don't need to change your strategy for each one, you just keep aiming at the enemies, so in the end they're all pretty much the same. The craft level though, it's very clever. Especially the gravity part, I really liked those, I feel like you could make a whole game about that.

This is sooo cute! I love the style! The idea of becoming faster and faster is perfectly balanced by the addition of the invincible mode, it makes you want to keep going.

Wow, I did not expect this to be extremely hard! I quite like the idea. With better presentation, and more balancing (luck is pretty much all that matters right now), this could be really good!

You can choose the force and angle of the pee, and start and stop whenever you want, but for each stage you have a different environment to adapt to. So you are never fully in control of your pee, only within the constraints of each level. Kind of like doing it real life.

That's actually a bug I came across too. In some specific levels, the collision box for the arrow is initially shorter than normal, and it only goes back to normal once you click it. I will see if I can fix it after the jam.

Yes, I only put the text there in case people were confused about why the same shot goes differently on different levels. Not everyone reads the description :I

If you don't mind sharing, why did you think you were going to hate it?

This is super difficult! Very creative, I liked it.

This isn't a bad idea, but that would make the clickable areas for the body and the arrow really big. I wanted to make this easy to play even on a phone, so I wanted to avoid misclicks as much as possible and not have to use anything other than the LMB. x)

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This has a level of polish I have never seen in a jam game before! The animation and modelling are straight up Pixar quality! I've got to say though, I don't really think this fits the theme. Once you've programmed the bot, you know exactly what it's going to do. It's pretty much in your control. Other than that, options to restart, fast-forward and skip cutscenes would be nice. I'm sorry if this is too negative, maybe I'm just not a fan of this kind of game. :(

Thanks! The earliest version of this game used sliders instead of dragging the parts, but I felt this was more intuitive, and I didn't want to have a maximum and minimum value for either. I don't really get what you meant by “just placing your mouse and left/right clicking”.

I guess this is more of a web toy than a game... The idea is cute, but it's pretty much 100% luck. There is no strategy on where to place the stuff, because the dragon gets everything anyway. I had to actually try to get myself killed and even then I couldn't. Perhaps I missed the point of the program, but judging it as a game, I don't think it really works.

Really clever! I liked the puzzles. The physics felt a bit too slippery, but that's OK for me.

I really like this! Great variety, good mouse sensitivity, funny...

This is so creative!! I love it. Got to 50 seconds. As others have said, the game is lacking sound and juice, but it's understandable.

This is like Snake but for insane people. Pretty nice.

I have no idea how to control this thing, but even then I got pretty far!

I think it's an ok idea, but it felt really easy throughout. Only bad stuff kept happening (I literally got nothing that made the arrow go up) so I could double my money every time. I only lost because I got bored. Not sure if this is intentional.

What a weird idea for a game! It was very charming, the crazy old-timey cartoon music helped set the mood. It was pretty easy but time consuming, I lost 0 sheep.

This game makes me go YES!

It's a great game, very unnerving, I wish you didn't have to click on the cages to put the kid in, because it felt very inaccurate, even if I kept clicking. Just pressing a button would be enough. The motion blur also feels a bit much, especially in the beginning where a bunch of crap is happening.

That was... an experience. It's an extremely simple game, the only thing that really makes it unique is the theming and story. I think it's nice. A more varied game with this theme could be really good!

Why do you think it doesn't fit the theme?

Idk it was kind of wonky. Don't take it too seriously, I'm not a music critic.