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My game is nowhere near the best or most unique game, but oh well:

It's a one button platformer based on Celeste, called Nowhere but Forward. You hold any key to jump forward and can't turn back unless you hit a wall.


I learned that I need to lower my scope for next year, maybe do a project that can use procedural generation, so I don't have to build big levels for players to stay entertained.

I don't see anything unusual here. Different people have different tastes. Just because you don't agree with them doesn't mean they're wrong. One thing I did notice though, is that Chess but Less got way less ratings than Only Man and the Sea, and placed way way higher. It looks like the more people rate your game, the more they can disagree with one another. That might be why you think the scores aren't representative, because there were more people with different opinions to lower the game's rating.

I can't believe this game placed so low!!! It's genuinely the best and most compelling game I played this jam.

I think the solution is more randomness! Don't show people how many ratings a game has or the comments, all you should have to get your opinions from is the game itself. Every rating and comment should be hidden from everyone but the dev until the jam is over. I think this would increase honesty in ratings by a lot.

Or even small game jams here on itch! I really like to be able to play every single person's game and comment and chat, it's the best part.

I did give some 1 star ratings if I felt the game really lacked something. Giving a 1 star doesn't necessarily need to be in bad faith.

I swear, for the majority of the development time, I was using THIS to check for negative numbers:


What that means is I was converting the characters vertical velocity into a string and checking if the first character was a minus sign.

._. Don't laugh, I was in a hurry.

I eventually went on Reddit for help on an unrelated bug and got schooled on that and other crappy code lol. Thank you random Reddit user for making my game run better.


I think the most important lesson I learned is that you have to work in a big team and have amazing artists. It's impossible to do well working alone, which is a little unfair in my opinion, but makes sense, and is not against the rules, so whatever. I never rated popular games, instead choosing small creators and beginners, to give them some criticism and a bit more of a chance. I tried to rate games as fairly as possible and disregarding art completely, but in the long run, first impressions are what matter the most, but giving 1 star just to benefit yourself is incredibly childish.

The voting was really fun for me, because I for to play plenty of creative games! Even the bad ones at least gave me an opportunity to talk to the creator. The feeling of community is the main reason I do jams.

I'd rate my own game a 4 in design, 4 in theme and 3 in originality.

I'm gonna participate next year, even though there's no way in hell I'm getting close to the top 100, because the challenge and community are what keep me going.

Yes, I understand.

I'm so nervous!

Pretty nice game, although there is a noticeable delay between your input and the character's actions, which can be pretty annoying sometimes.

It's a shame that the servers stopped working properly right when you uploaded this, because I think it deserved more ratings. :(

So creative! It being 1d kind of makes it easier than the actual Flappy Bird, because of the curve the spikes do when ejecting. It's like you're going through hills instead of pipes. I love how the game screen gets progressively wobblier.

Frickin powerful. I was expecting the game to end on the escaping poachers part, and then got surprised!

With that said...

The point of the game jam's theme is to affect the game design, and this game doesn't really implement the theme into the design, instead using it to send a message, which is a good idea, but unfortunately I just can't say this game fits the theme of "only one".

Thanks! I'll add on top of this once the jam is over!

Here's mine:

It's a one button platformer, I'll play yours later as well!

Really good one!

Well that was a ride. It's an interesting concept, more of a short experience than a game, but I think that counts. The game crashed after the countdown, so I couldn't finish it, sadly.

What an amazing idea!! Great execution as well. The art, music and controls are all on point.

Thanks! The problem with the jump is with how the game detects mouse movement as input. I'll release a fixed build when the jam's over.

Thank you!

That's so cute!!!

That's ok, thanks!

They did absolutely nothing, no sound, no effect...

Oh yeah I thought that was pretty funny

Thank you!

No worries, your game was one of the best ones I played so far.

Dude when I was like 11 a teacher of mine had me teach a class of high schoolers to use Scratch to make a game.

Turns out eight graders can't teach and high schoolers don't care about kids toys lol

The download link leads to a 404 page. :(

My game is a platformer that uses only one button to control everything.

Super neat game! It's simple and has many levels. The only thing I didn't like is the time limit. It was pretty annoying, and the timer wasn't showing for me.

Bad fanart? I'm in.

I got into programming when I was 10, when I used a website called Scratch to make games using a drag-and-drop tool. I stayed there for a long while but wouldn't learn how to actually program a real game until 2 years ago when I tried out Unity and made my first attempt at a real game that got cancelled halfway. Now I use Godot to make games, and discovered that game jams are really fun! I've participated in 4 until this one and that's basically all I use Itch for. I'm working on a bigger game but I only work on it when I feel like it.

I came up with my game for the jam way before the theme was announced, a one-button platformer seemed like a good idea, so when the theme was announced of course I was excited because I would finally be able to make it! I had to finish the game way earlier because I would not be home for the final day of jam, so it's pretty rough around the edges and unbalanced towards the end, but I really liked how it turned out, the difficulty and how the main character and the music work together.

Here it is:

As others have said, the movement is really the highlight of this game. It's not exactly fluid, but it's precise, and I'm amazed at how you only used the arrow keys for everything, while other games would have used way more buttons.

With that said, I don't see how the theme "only one" applies to the game.

:O Ok gonna replay real quick.

Wow, I just replayed the game and can totally see how ridiculous that last section is. Yesterday I could get to the end no problem, now I actually couldn't and quit as well! I wanna make a better version of this game after the jam is done, without moving platforms probably.

I plan on expanding this game in the future and adding more checkpoints to avoid the tedium of redoing everything over and over.