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My question at the 0.27 : Why did you say (Adult VN) there no sex scenes.

My question at the 0.29 : Why did the Yuuichi's dick is only 4 cm ?

I was playing Tennis Ace and i was dating jun when he says he has a collection of bagdes characters dans i make me remember to WsSAP and he says then the main character call has Wolfstar did you know about that ?

I have 1 thing to say, I CRIED SO MUCH AFTER FINISH THE GAME, firstly i was playing only to squeeze my noodle ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), but after the chapter 2 i was in the history and not into sex scene, and i so much love thier personality then i didn't want to replay another time because that was like i was cheating them, but i loved so much the hyper history and did the gentleman is really dead ? but few more choice on the history 'll be great. and i love this placeholder end. but i hope another update soon. -A Fan Of WSSAP