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Glocal Variable

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Clean according to my Antivir.

Known Bugs in 2305162254

  • FIXED: The gold cap is buggy -didn't apply the right formula
  • FIXED: Damage and gold cap aren't saved (or loaded?) the way they should - your classical typo
  • OPEN: It is possible to inflict damage above the damage cap. This is triggered by the "On Fire" message.


The song selection menu now detects all songs in the song folder and makes them selectable. They are ordered alphabetically.


I added a simple song selection menu to the beginning of the game. It doesn't detect custom songs yet.


Implemented a file requester into the actual source of RhythmClicker. Just needs some improvement and the days of ini manipulations are over!


Finished a simple file requester. The base for the new song selection screen.

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I got to admit that I got distracted by a little jump and run engine I wrote. Now I will focus on RhythmClicker again and try to reach beta stage with a song selection screen/menu so that the .ini manipulations become (hopefully) obsolete.


Development paused due to Simple Jam game jam.

My total days played are displayed negative in the final screen.


Implemented a gold cap that rises with the total damage you do.

Added a gold cap indicator next to the gold gathered.

Implemented save features for:

  • total kills
  • specific kills
  • gold gathered
  • damage upgrades

Implemented load features for:

  • gold gathered
  • max damage
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Implemented gold drops for testing purposes (roughly 30% chance after killing an enemy). The gold can later be used to upgrade the maximum damage you can do to reach higher levels within a song.

Implemented a cursor and collisions between it and the coins to pick them up.

Implemented gold counter and rendering it.

Fixed an issue with the bitmap font.

RhythmClicker community · Created a new topic Bugs
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Known Bugs

  • If you move the window around in windowed mode, you can surpass the negative click damage limit
  • FIXED: The game throws an Memory Access Violation on exit - it was caused by the used font (argument row passed to function: 16, right argument: 14)
RhythmClicker community · Created a new topic Dev Diary
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RhythmClickers now supports full HD resolution and offers an optional fullscreen mode.Next step is to implement a statistics screen on the end of each song.

Ver. 1905161854 released.

I have now implemented a sample statistic screen on the end of each playthrough.