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This is awesome! I'm glad someone actually played it 2 players. Thanks for making the video!

Cool idea and works well within the resolution. I would love to see more variety in upgrades and monsters in a future update.

This is a super cool game. Easy to play but hard to master. I love it!

This was very fun! It was hard for me to be able to see the bullets with the limited colors but knowing about the hitbox helps. Nice work!

I love the pixel art and the shadowed sprite style! What an adorably well-made game with a lovely song to match. Great job!

What a fantastic game. I can't believe what you were able to accomplish! This plays so smooth and has so much content. Amazingly well done!

This was a fun game! I like the town and the houses that can be cleared of spiders. The world is explorable, yet small enough for this jam to be easy to navigate. Nice job!

This game is pretty fun! I like the tutorial area it's very well made. The randomness of the level sometimes makes obstacles that are impossible to get past without taking damage, like a ground fire and a tree fire in the same place. Very fun good job!

This is a really cool concept. I love the simple gameplay loop and the dice roller to move. I would love to see the mini games reworked a bit. Nicely done!

This is a really fun platformer! Harsh but fair and the level design looks like it was fun to make. Nicely done!

Thanks for checking it out! I hear ya on the combat being a lil repetitive. I was hoping making it 2 player would have made it a little less so, but I don't think too many people are playing it with 2 players. If only there was more time haha. But I'm glad you liked it and I loved making those cutscenes!

Thanks a ton for playing! I always like to incorporate some environmental hazards.

Thanks so much for playing!

Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it! As always, I wish I had more time to improve the game but getting it finished and functional took up most of the jam. Its a new game style for me to learn, each game I make for this jam I try and do a different type of game entirely.

Thanks so much for playing it! You're right that would be an awesome addition!

Thanks for playing! Yeah I would have loved to improve on a lot of the mechanics but I had to make sure to "finish" the game first haha. There were several things that had to be left out in order to cross the finish line. Thanks again!

What a cute and well made game. The graphics are amazing and the audio compliments the gameplay so well. Great work all around on this one!

What a cute and well made game. The graphics are amazing and the audio compliments the gameplay so well. Great work all around on this one!

I don't know if its possible to get to 10 but I tried HARD haha. Hilarious animations great work!

This game is crazy! The art is really cool and the audio makes it twice as fun. I wish the characters moved a lil slower so I had more time and accuracy in the fights, but still super fun. Great job!

I downloaded and tried to play it but it gives the error "The code execution cannot proceed because UnityPlayer.dll was not found". I don't know if its just my comp or an error in the executable

This game was quite fun! I Beat it on the second try, the first try had a bug and froze after a few rooms. I like the enemy variety and the difficulty scales well. Great job!

This game is awesome! I love a good tactics game, and with both deck-building and dice! Gameplay is very fun great work!

The art in this is beautiful. Amazing work!

This was quite fun! It took me a few times before realizing that the tile you place changes every so often. But once I did I was hooked! Nicely done!

I hear ya there. I had some plans for this that never made it into the final version. I considered a heavy/charge punch, but was ACTUALLY gonna make your stamina bar a "rage" bar that had you temporarily hulk-out and increase speed/damage stuff. But compromises needed to be made 8( Super glad you played it thanks so much!

Awesome I'm glad it felt good and responsive. I spent like the fist half of the entire jam just getting the movements and mechanics feeling smooth (enough) before trying to make all the content for it. Thanks for checking it out!!

Thanks a ton! it was super fun to make but I wish I had more time. I had a plan for another enemy but jams be jams haha. Thanks for playing!

Awesome thank you so much! All credit to the sound man Scott! I loved making the pixel art for this game. and bringing it all to life. The audio definitely helps accomplish that.

Thanks for playing! I loved making the cars, giving a fun alternative way to defeat enemies. Got our boy back

Thanks for playing! Yeah making the player "disable" at no health was like one of the last things I added in the final hours. I almost broke the game trying to have the player die, so it was a rush job haha. Thanks again!

A very cool style to fit inside the 64 px size! I would love to see it expanded more with some enemy attacks and powerups. Nice work!

I love the parallax background with the farm fields. I wish there was a little more variation with the gameplay. You can hold the laser indefinitely and kill them before they even fire at you. But I love the cows sprite and that song is awesome!

This is very well made! It gets real difficult real quick. I struggled with the 4th level but I kept wanting to try once more. Visuals and audio are fantastic and 8+ levels is pretty sweet. Congrats on an awesome game!

Very nice use of the theme, this was a fun short game to play. It took me a few tries before realizing I had to only pick up the special cows. Well done!

This looks great! The smallest pokemon-like game I've seen for sure. I like the minimalist art style, makes it all very readable at such a small scale

Thanks so mush I'm glad to hear. Every comment like that brings me closer to being convinced to start making it :D

Thanks! Yeah as just a screenshot I wanted to help convey the scale of the game. I created a handful of other windows that I wasn't able to put into a polished screenshot, like the away teams' inventory and a galaxy map. Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks so much! It certainly will be a big project to make. Good luck with yours as well!

Thanks yeah that's actually a good way of describing it. I love FTL so its no surprise the ship combat turned out similar, but I left out the part with targeting ship rooms and boarding parties(at least for now heh heh) for a more simple combat system. Thanks again!