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Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you liked the end :D

Thanks for streaming it! And I agree, I ALWAYS wish there was more time. I had a few things I wanted to do still but at least I was able to push out the vast majority of it.

Thank you so much for streaming it! Its awesome to watch other people play it, especially when it gets played well! Thanks  billion!

Thank you so much for playing it! Yeah I've learned with jam games its best to start with a simple gameplay loop and add from there, instead of biting off a huge chunk and hoping to get it all done in time. Thanks again!

This was really fun! Reminds me of Defense Grid. Very hard at first, but eventually you find the right combos. This would be a fun one to expand on for sure. Missile Turrets!

This is a really fun physics game. I don't play too many, but they all seemed to work perfectly. And you have some unique substances that are super fun to play with. And the Fizzfoz lol. Very nicely done!

This has a solid foundation to build on, I wish we could've seen more! I would love to see a finished version! The text/UI is nice to look at

This was an excellent entry! Simplified versions of some awesome game mechanics made it work perfectly in this resolution. Those damn birds... Very well done!

The gameplay is pretty cool once you get the hang of it. I can't imagine getting anywhere near the 250 mark for the boss, but with some balancing it could be a very fun progression. Nice work!

Thanks so much! Yeah actually you can also use
P - fire
L - shield
R - reload
WASD to move
space bar - missiles

and an alt/left handed controls are
Q - fire
E - shield
R - reload
arrow keys to move player

Thank you so much for playing it! I'm glad you liked it :D

Thanks for checking it out! Yeah I had plans for a little more flavor but time took its toll. But it made for an easy fix to give you that kind of power and sendoff for the third act. thanks again for playing!

Once I got the hang of it this was quite fun to play! Made it to the end, it was a good amount of gameplay. Nice work on the cutscenes too! The sound of the turn switching is a little unpleasant to hear, but that's minor. Nicely done!

This is one beautiful game. It looks great and it plays well too. The platforming mechanics are smooth and the games progression is a classic gradient that unlocks the game as you play. And I love the way you handled any text/UI stuff. Super well done!

The gameplay was quite original and fun. Once I learned how jumping works with the angles I was flippin all over the place. Very fun! I wish I didn't have to mash my arrow keys so much though.

This is a fun little game! Simple to play but fair to the player when you get blasted. Nicely done!

This was a fun entry! I like how the playable area isn't too big, so any backtracking is very small. I wish those mirrors at least saved a checkpoint automatically when you pass it, for death is easy to come by and means a restart. Thankfully it was short enough to not be any major issue and I just learned use every mirror I came by, even after a respawn. I love the graphics btw, very readable and pretty to look at! Very well done!

Thank you so much! Yeah that was pretty much the vibe I was going for. Like one of those old school handheld games that only have the one game on it haha. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! My earliest mockup had supply crates that would drop every so often. I would've had one for health, missiles, and maybe even a temporary machinegun powerup. But I ran out of time and didn't get around to it 8(

I'm glad you felt the ending like that. I thought it would be a good idea to send it out in a fun way instead of just a third, slightly harder level. And yeah, I hear ya about the tanks. Their attack does become predictable though. They unload their machine gun, then follow with an audible cock and then a cannon blast every time. But don't worry, they wasted me countless times while playtesting that level lol

Thanks so much man! I spent like 2 days making the end cutscene and it was one of the best looking parts of the game. I wanted to show it off so bad, but its also the ENDING cutscene so I had to stop myself and let people experience it. I'm glad you like it!

Thank you! It was super fun to make too! Up until the last day, anyway haha O_o

The concept and the stealth mechanics are awesome and quite accurate. Like others have said, it is rather difficult having to restart with a single hit. A few extra sound effects would be good to let the player know when they've been detected or near an enemy.

This was very fun! The combat is responsive and accurate and the layout of the building was both fun and easy to navigate. I got an S rank thanks to the secret areas!

this is a fun little cooking game! I like how the cooking part of it wasn't overly complicated. It took me a little while to figure out how the game works because there isn't much in terms of hints or tutorials

This was a very fun game! The art and music is fantastic and the breakout mechanics work well. And I like the tiny tutorials in between levels. Short and sweet and to the point. It does utilize sub-pixel movement which makes it less than authentic, but makes the game more fun and smooth in the end.

Thank you very much! All credit to my sound guy Scott Kirkland!

This is one of the greatest games I've ever played. Golf translated to pixel form perfectly. After my 9 holes I felt like sticking around. So I hopped in another cart and tore the place up. What an awesome game.

Once I understood the controls, this game was very fun. Reminds me of a teeny version of Unrailed! Short and sweet. Sometimes it's impossible to know which way to go until its too late.

I love the style of this game. It was a fun story and experience. And I like the cutscenes too!

The controls and camera work are very good for this style! I also like the death scene and the commentary when there are 69 gorillas left :D

pretty fun little game! And who doesn't like ramming their car into cop cars!? XD

This is a very fun game! The controls and combat are very smooth and responsive. It's kinda hard to see in some of the more textured areas, like the sandy spots and many of the walls. Perhaps if some of those textures were a little less detailed it would be more readable. But a great game for sure!

Thanks so much for playing it! I didn't get to any real balancing until the last day. But I didn't want people to just hold down the fire button all day. I was also planning little things like health and energy drops from defeated foes, but ran out of time 8(. But that's what the Moon is for!

Hello! I created a game almost 2 months ago for the LowRez 2020 Game Jam. During the jam and post-jam my game page received a moderate amount of views and downloads, then eventually the views/downloads tapered down to zero for the next month or so . But then, seemingly out of nowhere, last week my game page showed a huge spike in views and downloads. When looking at the referrers it says almost all of them came from like 4 coming from the "fresh" category). I am writing this inquiry to find out if there is a way to find out exactly where my game was featured, and if there is a current way, or chance, that itch can notify game creators when their game gets featured somewhere. Thanks in advance for any help!

This is a very fun retro dungeon crawler. The movement and combat commands are perfect. Once your stats get buffed enough, some of the numbers overlap in the HUD but it's still easy enough to see them. It took me a while to get to the end. After a while I ended up only using freeze as it one-hit killed almost everything. I would love to see this game expanded upon. It was truly fantastic and well rounded. Nicely done!

This is a very cute and relaxing game. That sassy fox is great. Nice work!

This is a very fun pick up game! The controls are smooth and collisions are good. I wish the gems were a little easier to see, especially in the shade. Maybe if they(and the bullets) had a slight glow to them. Very nicely done!

Thank you so much! I kinda went hard on this jam, but it was my first one and I wanted to make sure it was fun! Thanks a ton for playing it!