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Idk what to say, I did. I don't even read that fast. Where does this metric come from? What exactly counts towards this, the menu? secret text? Do numbers count as individual words, or do their messages (which, sorry, I skipped over decoding, maybe that's why it took me less time)? Id say the most significant bottle neck is the amount of things required to trigger certain events being seemingly random, which I used the wiki for. Worth noting the discord is filled with people who are far more devoted than the average player, so I wouldn't be surprised if they spent 40 extra hours rummaging through the game to theory craft.

I mean, I also have a lot of experience with puzzle games, so the puzzles weren't really bad for me. I read enough to solve them instantly. I played the game on emulated Android, so maybe some errors with that caused multiple events to be missing.

I like the game, and I want to believe this isn't based on merely renpy saying "you have 1.3 million words" and you putting that through some calculator, but I simply don't see how ONE playthrough would take that amount of time. Idk, maybe I installed the wrong version, or maybe I did something to lessen events without the game telling me? Maybe it simply didn't install correctly? Maybe tapping on the menu instead of dragging a mouse had a significant impact? Maybe abusing rollback had an effect? 

If you're on PC, I think you could edit your save file. I wouldn't count on a cheatcode like that ever existing because I think the community would hate it. I will say, the dev is actually reworking all the beginning chapters, so replaying it may actually not be that bad in the near future.

Apologies, I was just attempting to be conservative here, because I'm sure most people would be content with even that low-ball estimate. That being said, are these estimates based off how much text one would see through one playthrough, or if they saw all the text at once? Reason why I said 12 hours originally was because my first playthrough was that long in like version 17, I think one playthrough now would realistically take 18-20 hours, not 80-100. I argue semantics here, because a majority of people would stop at that point.

Well over 12 hours if you read all the text