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Fadi Soufi

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Osama Deep thanks for trying the game, I hope you liked it :)

noor ammar I am so glad that you liked it ! I am remaking the game these days to make it with higher quality / lighting and many more levels and difficulties .

QatariGameDev Thanks a lot ! I am astonished by your nice words !

regarding the cons, I totally agree with you, currently it supports keyboard and gamepad (keyboard using arrows and space and gamepad with the left stick and right trigger) but I personally liked the gamepad more for the game, i will be working on enhancing the graphics and the controls in the future (also i will add a feature to skip the introduction).

I like the colors , lighting and idea !

you might be able to make it better if you :

- Add power ups such as : make everything black and white except for the thing he has to collect

-Add power down such as: blur !

-let the whole map rotate with the play .. give it a try !

over all it is a nice game : )

Thanks DesertF ! glad you liked it ^_^

Nice game ! many unexpected things happens ! very well made keep it up guys !

Raed Tabani Hello Raed, I didn't try to make it for 32bit, I will try to do that today, but I think legally i am not allowed to resubmit it unless I get the approval from GameZanga Administrators !

mousa_raef Thanks for trying the game, try to lower the quality of the graphics / resolution and play in fullscreen mode ( you can end the game instantly by using alt+F4)

Allah yebarek feek Ahmed :)

Is this the final result for the zanga