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Very soothing...! Liked the expression of holding on to the dandelion, actually didn't want to let go of that for the last minute..! ; (

Didn't realize spending money can be so exhausting..!;; Fun game!!

Had so much fun having my virtual rich dad...!! Looking forward to actual shipping...(especially dark matter)

Thank you! I had fun playing your game too!! ;D

Actually that middle box was test mode version and i forgot to get rid of it before releasing!;; Minor bugs will be fixed soon, thank you! :ㅇ

I'll fix that soon..! thank you!!! :D

Glad that you know bird-box challenge..!! that was my original theme lol (try birdbox challenge in a virtual maze! (not in real life)). 

omg i forgot to add that...! i'll fix that soon thank u !!

well i admit that.. this is my first jam, i'll try harder next time haha