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Hey, quick quesiton.  I can't get the game to recognize my Xbox controller.  Any suggestions?

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Wow, this is really good.

EDIT:  Gah!  Can anyone give me a hint on how to get the true ending?  I keep ending up with 6%!

This game is cool as heck!

Works now!  Thanks!

Hey, I'm trying to buy this but it won't let me because it says you can't accept Paypal at this time.  Any idea what's up? 

That sounds really great!  I think with different art, you'll get a much warmer reception to your game from others than Vadine received, though I did start to really enjoy this aesthetic by the end of the game.  The core ideas of the game are good and if you have a team to help you refine them, I'm pretty interested to see the results.

The boss fights in particular were a blast for me.  Simple patterns but they were always fun, even if I had a HELLUVA time with the final boss.  The three orb sequence in Father kept destroying me until I got the rhythm down.   

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Hey, I just wanted to let you know I rather dig your game.  It's not perfect but I like the jokey tone of it all and I think there's a lot of promise for your future projects.  Keep at it and I look forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve next.