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Hey, quick quesiton.  I can't get the game to recognize my Xbox controller.  Any suggestions?

So I got one of the free keys and you asked for opinions on it.  I'm just not sure the game is finished.  I didn't feel like I had a incentive to finish the game or a reason to choose getting the tokens vs shooting the spiders.  There was very little feedback to what I was doing or why I should be doing anything

I'm confused by the random sound effects that sound like a cannon firing too.  Are those coming from the spiders as they attack me?  I couldn't quite tell what the spiders were doing and it was very easy to just walk around them or just hide on top of a hill and shoot them from that point.

There's a core idea here that is interesting, especially with the concept of "kill spiders or get coins" in a risk/reward score attack sense but it needs to be the focal point.  There is a lot of refinement needed.  Definitely work on the AI for the spiders.  Make it easier for the player to read what is happening on screen (both the UI and with the mechanics interacting).  If you put the effort in, I think you could make something cool.  It's just not ready yet.

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Wow, this is really good.

EDIT:  Gah!  Can anyone give me a hint on how to get the true ending?  I keep ending up with 6%!

This game is cool as heck!

Works now!  Thanks!

Hey, I'm trying to buy this but it won't let me because it says you can't accept Paypal at this time.  Any idea what's up?