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Found my way to this game again. Probably an unpopular opinion, but at this point I would like to see an Impossible difficulty where you always have to go as deep into the library as possible. So far the record was an equivalent to 18 progress (9 rooms), but I wouldn't mind trying 20. This is actually the point where you start seeing books that require over 40 resolve to read, but the game is mercifully balanced so as to only require ~20 for the target book.

As for the switching rooms trick, I did some testing and reducing 1 sanity per "reset" might be a good way to balance it. Given you would be doing this about two times on average per room, reducing resolve or progress would be pretty brutal and would most likely make many runs impossible.

Librarians don't see you if they drift into line of sight just after you've read a book, confirming a possible unintended behavior reported earlier.

Lastly, I think there should be more incentive for the player to plan around checking corner books which you cannot access through the hallways. Something like having to pay only half the required sanity to read them or to make their generation skewed towards lower rarities.

I'm leaning towards #4, but to have the availability of missions integrated in the narrative. Assuming you travel through the world, this way you would occasionally reach areas that aren't necessary for completing the game but which you can attempt in order to unlock additional characters, like side-quests. This can also be a way to introduce backstories of the characters.

I agree that there should certainly be a gimmick in solving these missions, something that rewards the player for using alternate playstyles. To use the 7DRL version as an example, one gimmick example could be to create a set-up where you can finish a level (or multiple levels) by utilizing the Cursed Shield.

Best of luck with the Steam release. Love this game.

It is definitely lowering the difficulty. I tried a dozen times without it (no backtracking), and while a victory was difficult but still possible, it was always the Librarians spawning next to the entrance or next to a long starting corridor that do me in. This is because using the L-space in such a position is typically unavoidable and very costly once they give chase.

I think your solution is a good way to go about it. Perhaps reducing sanity by 1 might even be better, so there is a choice to be made between losing some immediately or risk losing even more hoping for a better position. Also, frantically moving back and forth between rooms fits the theme almost literally as "going mad".

Looked into this and you're right. Maybe he specifically wanted a different key for this one.

Really cool, I keep coming back to this and can beat it on hard consistently now. Switching rooms and inching forward until the conditions are favorable is essential - sometimes you can navigate really difficult rooms this way without L-space.

The name generator is honestly very good, you nailed the library feel and even with the little paragraph for a backstory the game is just brimming with flavor. As others have noted, some score system would be nice for the incentive to read as many books as possible. The game is great as is, though, fantastic addition.

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Tough game to beat, but that only increases the appeal. Great mechanics, it looks good, some luck is needed as I don't think every playthrough is beatable. Maxing health and knowing when to fight or leave on later levels improves the odds.

Luckily the Amulet has explosive properties!

Really liked this one, very well put together. Honestly I'm amazed how replayable it is for a 7DRL submission. Big fan of your other card games, too.

Unlocked and beaten it with all of the heroes. The weapon characters seem to have it easiest, carrot is a score maxer, wizard is tactical and the barrel guy is hard mode.

The only thing I've been missing occasionally is an option to undo card placements if you haven't rerolled. But you can do without it.

Just well done. Can't get enough of it.

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This isn't too much of an issue if you treat health as a food source also. You can:

  • Always have at least one wound so +1 health on level-ups isn't wasted,
  • Deliberately lose health while exploring to maximize effects from Heals,
  • Energize either Terror or Vanish for extra energy,
  • Use Rest when you are 1 point away from starving status and with very low health,
  • Use Scout on levels with 9-10 cards to maximize the effect,
  • Leech away for 2 health.

Doing it this way makes dying from starvation very rare. For me at least, most losses come from getting flooded with cards early so you have to skip some and use others suboptimally.

I certainly will. Paladin was the first successful playthrough and I really enjoyed how it played out - you simply have to try everything that is offered to you as a player to succeed and I think this is one of the metrics for good game design. I also loved how you think you have it easy at one point, until you face the liches, vampires, cerberi, dragons for the first time... almost died thrice on those later levels, literally saved by bad enemy dice rolls. This makes the final victory all the more appealing.

And yes, I played the game in the browser. Very often things pop out right in the face and some messages linger around, making me unable to do anything until they fade out. I did find workarounds in time, though.

All in all, once again - great work!

Just to leave a review here also, as I went to play this shortly after trying out Rogue vs Evil and reading the post mortem. Feedback is more or less the same - very fun, the game is difficult but rewarding once you know what you're doing, which I appreciate. But just as before, the UI gets in the way often.

Regardless, will be coming back to this for sure. So many classes to choose from, items to get and enemies to defeat. Great work.

Played through the demo and really liked it. The only issues I see with it is in the UI, which can always be improved with enough feedback. I was about to compile a list of possible suggestions just as I found your blog post.

To my understanding, game design really is kind of ungrateful - takes a lot of work, uncertain results, the product needs to be perfect and competition is popping up all over the place.

On the other hand, you did some great work here. Sure there are things that can be improved but it still is fun to play. If it means anything, I do think there is a place for you in game development in case you decide to return back to it.

Absolutely! I actually had a lot of fun doing this and would be happy to test further updates.

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Final feedback:

- Sometimes chests, camp fires and staircases appear in front of a passageway, making it impossible to reach parts of the level (or taking damage doing so). This isn't a big deal though there could be a small possibility that a staircase is blocked this way. Didn't happen so far for me.


- I think it is well balanced in regards to monsters - I don't think there is a need for nerfing or buffing any of them,

- Perhaps consider doubling the HP bonus from food,

- I wasn't using the Cloud thing at all almost. I only used it once to some effect so far and it was a very unusual situation. Compare to pickaxe which seemed unusable at first, but in actuality it saved me a couple of times and even got around the non-exit bug,

- The torch is useful but I feel its effect should be buffed. Perhaps making it last for two or three levels.

Any time. Just one more update for the non-exit - I got a torch at one of these levels and there was a small room completely walled off, but the exit wasn't there either. Might help with tracking down the problem, though.

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I think it happened when I was just opening a door. It didn't go through with opening it and froze at that point. It was level 2 or 3 when it occurred. Didn't notice anything else unusual but I'll be sure to report more details if it happens again.

In any case, amazing work with the game! Even though it's simple, it's super fun. Also loving your pixel art in your other works.

EDIT: Had this happen a few times - when going to the next level, I spawned on top or next to a monster which made taking a hit unavoidable. Perhaps consider a safe area of minimum 1-2 squares around the character or making him always spawn in a small empty room.

EDIT 2: The freezing bug happened again, and yes it was when going to the next level.

EDIT 3: Sometimes it's not possible to find the exit. Given that it can also occur that some objects spawn on top of each other, it's possible that a chest occupies the same space as the exit, blocking it.

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Pretty cool! A couple of plays in so far and it's a fun little game.

I experienced a bug where the game froze but the music continued playing with some minor artifacts. Also, you might want to consider giving the player the knife immediately once the game is restarted. This way I rather restart the browser to get the knife as it seems possible there won't be another weapon for a while (happened once).

Some other questions:

- Is the wraith/knight enemy or whatever the last kind or is there more after? These guys do an action every turn and I believe they do 5 damage. Pretty sure these are what the comment below is referring to - the best way to kill them is to use traps or fire against them but this requires a setup that isn't always possible. Other stronger creatures are best dealt with by counting actions and dealing damage in-between - most of these do an action every 2nd, even 3rd turn.

- Are the levels infinite or is there a final level?

- Is Big AF Axe the best weapon? :)

Honestly, everything in the game comes very well together and I think you should strongly consider developing this further.

Wanted to kill an hour or two and ended up playing this compulsively for several hours until finally beating it. You did an amazing work with this game. Managed to beat it on the 4th try. The action economy you pushed with this is really well thought out.

The art is sweet, the soundtrack is good (even though more wouldn't hurt) and the learning curve of the mechanics was a joy to discover. You really have to plan ahead which I appreciate. I don't think I can offer any ideas for improvements, but at some point I did switch between a holy and a leech weapon quite often, so maybe a weapon switch shortcut could be something to consider.

Other than that - great game. 10/10 for sure.