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The music is super obnoxious lmao. Not bad tho.

Cool concept, but the game is stuttering for some reason, when I completed the first level the game became unplayable due to said stuttering.

No worries saw you had like 30 minutes left when I posted the comment. Was wondering if you had time to fix anything.

Cool concept, but the bird's collisions are extremely jankey. It's almost as if it has the same box collider as the red guy?

Nice puzzler!

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There is a safe spot where I can just scare guys over and over again. Also the music does not loop. Cool game though. I'd suggest putting another guy at the other side of the road, and have both guys at each end meet in the middle.

Okay, this is pretty good honestly. It' 2d Raft, a lot of people like raft. I do have some criticism though.

1. Those floating stones just seem like bs rng. With the sharks you have a way to defend, but I couldn't find any way to beat the floating stones. Having things that can damage your raft is good, it adds a good element of tension, but when you are completely screwed cuz one is about to shave off half of your raft and there is nothing you can do, it's frustrating but not in a good way.

When making a difficult element, it's always good to make sure the player can win, when they lose its human error. Granted I might just be an idiot and couldn't figure out how to defeat the floating stones, something to consider.

If I were to give a suggestion maybe add a paddle so you would have to steer the ship left or right to avoid them?

2. The UI is a bit of a pain. It could be easily solved by having keys 1-5 control the action bar slots in the top right hand corner, clicking on them each time I wanted to do something was quite annoying.

3. I feel like the fishing minigame is too easy. It seems to be inspired by Stardew Valley's fishing, which was really good. But in Stardew when you cast in the water you have to wait a random amount of seconds the left click in time to even get to the minigame. 

It may feel exactly like Stardew Valley's but there is nothing wrong with that since it's a good system. When you are further along in development you can add your own twist to make it somewhat different.

I really do think you have something good here though considering how early along the development is. Keep chugging along! I'd play this!

3/4 of your screenshot are of your project windows... why? Cool scene tho.

This is well done, you should have made more levels, a lot more levels. Also sound. I'd love to see more of this.

Neat game, the x key is very sensitive though for some reason, makes switching annoying. 

I can just cheese it by holding down left click and going down forever. Maybe add some sort of objective. Also being able to mine any block on the screen regardless of position isn't the best.

Not working on Windows for some reason. I double click the exe and nothing happens.

A nice little journey, I like it.

#1 You misspelled Adventure.

#2 I have no idea how to play this game.

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omg this game is hilarious.

minus the doggo part, never hurt dogs :(

I love these kinds of games, the controls are a bit much to remember in one go, can you write them in the description?

Floppy Cube! Play a little Cube that Flops through Pillars. There are color unlocks by reaching high score milestones. Try to reach 2500 High Score to unlock everything. You will fail, you will fail hard. This isn't just some Flappy Bird clone. I spent time and effort trying to take the genre and make it more fun to play. Please give it a chance, it's pretty addictive. Reaching a new high score is extremely satisfying. 

Pro Tip - This isn't like Flappy Bird, don't mash, finesse your way through the pillars, less is more.

We wish there was too. There was a bit of a goof, we thought we had 3 days rather than 2, so a lot had to be cut. But I am glad you enjoyed it, we may come back some day and fully flesh out the game.

A lot was thrown together last minute. We were kind of over ambitious and had to cut back on a lot of features. Thanks for playing our game.

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What a stressful weekend. It was a fun, learning experience. I have never worked on a team, nor with other people. Would do it again.... in like 6 months :D

I really  enjoyed doing a little voice acting for the jam as well. The "Come Here" was recorded by me. Not all of them got used because we started running out of time so we had to change the initial vision, so I still have some left. If you like that style of voice and want something for a game hit me up on twitter. It's listed in the game's credits.