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that smooth! i loved stepping in n out of the pond

love the style. good luck on ur games :)

mori and vitas.. haha i like it. this is cute!

not sure what the story is about but i read all of it and it was a great time

nah i don't, sorry. but it was after the first three at least, if that helps. 

my ball got stuck on one of the rails! i couldn't loosen it by pressing space or anything. other than that, really cool game.

really hard in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty satisfying. maybe make the egg smaller or the first level easier? putting more frequent checkpoints might also be something you want to consider. then again... i could just be bad at platformers.

I'm stuck on a frozen screen of a ship. comes after the intro sequence. how do I move forward?

aw man, i was so scared you'd throw my three happy things back in my face at the end but i'm glad it ended on a happy note.

really nicely made! I love the sound effects and voice acting and the art. I also really love frantically flipping through the recipes and accidentally knocking my potions off the workstation and having to make them all over again. only half of that was sarcasm by the way. I had to have made that last potion four times because butterfingers, but overall I loved just fiddling with the stuff in that room.

the pacing was on point, too. damn if that wasn't a satisfying ending