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thank you for this donny, i've been wanting to print it off and have it in my tabletop games box but i gotta conserve ink

when this came out i tried to reply to your reddit comment asking for setting info, but it wouldn't let me since it was pretty old. glad to hear you found it and enjoy it !!

each of these "forts" has lots of fun things to "dark" !! 

this game is awesome !! kind of makes you feel like the thing, if the thing was an ever expanding space probe

HELL YES i cannot wait for the new space hole

that minigun crit sounds hilarious, reminds me of that bit in indiana jones where he shoots the dude with the scimitar. glad to hear one of your FINGERS adventures went well ! i'd like to run em myself someday :)

hey there ! sorry for the confusing wording, somewhere in the rulebook i tucked in "all limited use items replenish after each mission" but i still forgot to make that more clear in the actual traits, so the whole thing comes off confusing. no items ever permanently run out, the number of uses can always be assumed to be "per session". the medic can just do three uses per session of their healing item. 

thanks again man !! now i just gotta get another 45 traits out to hit that lucky no. 100...

hey there !! just wanted to say thank you for this very kind review, and ask you a question if you don't mind. i'm working on an update for the game that includes a wider variety of traits. you mentioned that there aren't so many traits that character creation becomes a chore - what do you think is a reasonable upper limit for the amount of traits ? i was thinking definitely less than 100, but i'm having a hard time figuring out exactly the right amount.

thank you for the review !! do you have any suggestions for mechanics from other games which players might adapt for FIST to make it a bit more long-lived ? i could throw together a "check out these other games" list at the end of the pdf or something like that !

oh hey, great idea about squishing the graphic, i certainly don't want the design to be an accessibility obstacle ! hopefully i still have the original file somewhere...

if you wanna send a copy i'd love to read it (, but by all means feel free to post it in the meantime !! 

holy shit you work fast !! excited to read em !!

sadly it's been converted to vector, so no fields to fill out :( but i'm sure you'll come up with somethin that looks great !! as for schematics, gun manufacturers sometimes distribute free ones, but other than that, i had a pretty hard time finding them - that's why there's only like three or four in the book.

oh hey, i was just mentioning the font i used in case you liked it and wanted to use it yourself. feel free to deviate from the design as much as you like !! i am not a stickler about "brand identity" or anything goofy like that, by all means get some design + layout practice in, let it be chaotic if it ends up chaotic, and make something that appeals to your own tastes. if you do want to take anything specific from FIST's design like the schematics or the title/logo though, let me know so i can send them your way! happy to share n all that

oh sick !! excited to see the missions, sounds awesome. for the no-art look, you could do something similar to the "classified document" pages in the original book - the copier-styled font for that is "univers else" aka "fluxisch else". 

i'm happy to hear fist missions are easy to write - the mission module i'm working on has been "probably ready for release by next week" for like three months now. if i could stop procrastinating, i could probably knock it out in a night or two. oh well !!

tysm for the review !! it means a lot to hear you liked it so much, and keeps me motivated to continue creating 😁 

this may seem like an odd part of your review to focus on, but i'm really glad to hear you liked the graphic design and organization of the game. both were heavily inspired by chris p wolf's offworlders and west end games' star wars RPG 1E - two games that are well-written, well-designed, and laid out in a very logical and easy-to-use way.

i've been working on a Dyatlov Pass themed mission module for a while now...

...but i've been procrastinating quite a bit. donovan caldwell, author of the also-very-good a wizard, is working on a traits expansion which should be available soon! and if you wanna write a mission module or hack/remix FIST or anything else, by all means feel free to! it's always really exciting to see what creative stuff people come up with that i never could have thought of myself.

glad to hear you enjoyed reading, i hope your group likes it too !! tyvm !!

hey, just wanted to say thank you for the awesome review !! this is the kind of thing that keeps me excited about making games, and i'm really glad you had fun with this one.

do you think the font issue is bad enough i should redo the layout and release an updated version? i'm pretty sure i have the original source file sitting around somewhere (i think anyway)

it is supposed to be drop one trait ! called them skills earlier in development and must have missed that when i changed it over. thanks for checking the game out, hope you guys have fun !!

thank you! i keep trying to fix it ,but they all just send to the same game  no matter what i do, so i edited the link to just be that game. it's the best one i've done anyway so i'm honored to have it be in the bundle!

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Reposting again in case they're not checking replies, sorry to clog up the posts!

Shit sorry!

ACAB !!!!

Only one of my games is paid, but please include all five of my games!

hey i got a chance to sit down and give this game a go, and i love it! "post-superhero age" is an incredibly unique premise i haven't seen anywhere else, and exploring ruins/finding lost artifacts is always intriguing to me, so this is a wonderful mixture. 

i came into this knowing you'd like some feedback but honestly everything about this game is fun, creative, and evocative, so i'm afraid i don't have any constructive criticism. the only feedback i've got is that i can't wait to see what other games you make !

an excerpt from my personal favorite encounter: a pewter necklace charm that once belonged to doctor dagon, arch-witch, practitioner of black magic. thankfully undisturbed, to be handled with care and tucked away carefully in my old high school backpack. it must have been ripped from her neck while she scrapped with a villain above the penn avenue bridge.

great minds think alike, eh? it doesn't seem like cards SHOUDLN'T have a 1 until you really think about it...

just checked out your game, it looks awesome and i love the premise. i have it bookmarked to play ASAP :D

i'm so glad you like it! i'm honored to have introduced you to solo RPGs and takuma okada's work in general which is imho genius. also regarding your other comment re: do cards have a "1", i'm pretty sure you're right that they don't and i'm just a dumbass lmao

that said, you could determine if the airlock has been broken or not based on a coin flip or something else and use either 1 or A when you pull an ace depending on the situation!

thanks so much for the support, i'm glad you like it !

tysm !!

FIST community · Created a new topic POST YOUR CHARACTERS

I really love hearing about people's OCs, so if you made a character in the game post their character sheet and backstory here! Tell me about their exploits and dreams! Go ham!!

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My partner and I played this together during a hard day, and we found it a wonderful way to get lost in our imaginations and while away the time.  Even worlds that turned a bit scary were fun:

"I pushed through the marsh for what felt like hours in the black of night, my boots waterlogged, my legs sore. As my head began to nod with fatigue I found the resolve to push aside one more cluster of frost-ridden cattails only for a sheer cliff face to appear rather abruptly right in front of my nose. Black insects the size of small dogs swarmed along the exposed stone, chattering strangely, moonlight glinting off of their dark carapaces. I understand why the people here stay so close to home, in their warm buildings and colorful robes, for the wilderness beyond has sent a shiver up my spine."

Thank you for making this game! My only question - what does it mean when a joker is revealed? Has the planet played a strange trick on its visitor?

thanks for playing! the beacon spawning away was inspired by touching a wall to spawn away in lsd: dream emulator

chess 960 is honestly terrifying

physical games are the coolest! really love the flavor text - can't wait to see what you make

sent a dm yo

seems like you're already working with a lot of people but i could use a few songs too, if you're up to it

really liked the stuff you had on bandcamp, reminds me of disasterpeace a little bit :)

this is really incredible :)

hey thanks for playing!!

awesome thank you :)