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My partner and I played this together during a hard day, and we found it a wonderful way to get lost in our imaginations and while away the time.  Even worlds that turned a bit scary were fun:

"I pushed through the marsh for what felt like hours in the black of night, my boots waterlogged, my legs sore. As my head began to nod with fatigue I found the resolve to push aside one more cluster of frost-ridden cattails only for a sheer cliff face to appear rather abruptly right in front of my nose. Black insects the size of small dogs swarmed along the exposed stone, chattering strangely, moonlight glinting off of their dark carapaces. I understand why the people here stay so close to home, in their warm buildings and colorful robes, for the wilderness beyond has sent a shiver up my spine."

Thank you for making this game! My only question - what does it mean when a joker is revealed? Has the planet played a strange trick on its visitor?

thanks for playing! the beacon spawning away was inspired by touching a wall to spawn away in lsd: dream emulator

chess 960 is honestly terrifying

physical games are the coolest! really love the flavor text - can't wait to see what you make

sent a dm yo

seems like you're already working with a lot of people but i could use a few songs too, if you're up to it

really liked the stuff you had on bandcamp, reminds me of disasterpeace a little bit :)

this is really incredible :)

hey thanks for playing!!

awesome thank you :)

can i use my terrain generation algorithm from another project or would that be cheating?

alright man, i just wasn't sure if we were supposed to go by limitations of the original game boy hardware or the GBC hardware, thanks for your help

GBJAM 5 community · Created a new topic CMYK color scheme?

i was thinking of using a CMYK color scheme for my game because it's only four colors, but the original game boy could only display 4 shades of the same color, not four different colors. would CMYK be okay or would it go against the spirit of the jam?

followed :)

this is awesome!! do you have a tumblr or something with more of your art?

hey now that you fixed it works fine, really cool and atmospheric and i realized you could click on stars and planets to zoom in and it's really fun to look at the different solar systems and such

would make an awesome screensaver!!

same thing happened to me but based on what i can see the game looks cool!!

i like this, it has a very twilight zone vibe

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hey thanks for making a video!! subscribed

this is awesome!! really feels like a simulator of the concept and also just visually pleasing

this is a cool concept, could be a really fun full game if/when you flesh it our more

this is really cool and and everything it generates has perfect aesthetic :)

is there life in pastel space?