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Thanks for the feedback and compliment - and good idea we'll be sure to add this when we develop it more.

And thanks for the compliment on the music selection. It was free however, and not created by us - you can find the link on the game's page

Thanks for the feedback : )
when we develop this more later, maybe we can put arrows on the ground to show the directions the little blue men will take more clearly.

And yes, we'll try to make the levels/buttons more obvious next time. 

I agree with making it less difficult -I'll make sure to take into account any difficulty spikes in future game jams. I originally decided to make the second level harder because we did not have time to develop a third level and wanted something that would take more time, but perhaps we should've opted to remove some hazards here.

And when we develop this game more, i'll be sure to put wires between switches and the objects they effect to make it more obvious what they do -thank you for the feedback! Greatly appreciated. 

Also the music was free - not composed by either of us. The link to the site we got it from is in our game page description. 


Ideally, we were going to have three levels of increasing difficulty - however only had a few hours left in the jam, so decided to just make the second level more challenging to increase play time. Will definitely make the difficulty more gradual if we decide to develop it more :)

Appreciate the compliment - this is our first game jam. looking forward for more 

really good presentation and aesthetic :)
agree that its a little too easy to win once you realize what the buildings do.

art was really good :)

Presentation was killer :)