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Thank you! I was able to find it under /home/[user]/.local/share/Strive for Power 2/.

For mods, it seems that on Windows this is found by using %AppData% to find the relevant mod folder, but this is not something that is on Linux. I have been unable to find the mods folder. Where is this located on Linux?

The artwork here is absolutely gorgeous! The layout is quite aesthetic while remaining fairly functional as well.

It would be nice though to have some tables or more bullets throughout the text, to improve on-the-fly readability.

It is mentioned near the beginning that a d4, d6, and d8 will split up between the 3 stats, but this can be confusing when seeing 6 stats in the respective section. I understand that 3 are for the parasite and 3 for the character, but this could be explained better.

All 6 stats are introduced, but it is not immediately apparent which stats are for parasite and which are for the character. It becomes more clear after reading things more thoroughly, but this would be an excellent place to have a table. Either have two tables side-by-side, which one being the stats for the character and the other being the stats for the parasite, or perhaps have a single table with one set of three being shaded to distinguish the difference.

Overall I like the concept and I think this could make for a good game, but would hope for some tables or bullets to be added to help for easier understanding and quicker reference at the table.

Excellent, excellent title! I knew it sounded familiar, until it clicked: it's a Hobbes' Leviathan reverence! "No arts, no letters, no society; and what is worst of all continual fear and danger of violent death. And the life of man: solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short [long]." Or at least it goes something like that, it's been ages since I first memories that line. Love how it challenges those Hobbesian ideas in a subtle way without directly spelling it out.

Oh no, that's a shame. I very much understand though, thanks for letting me know! Definitely let us know when physical copies are going to be available elsewhere and where, so I can make sure to pick up a copy then.

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I love the art in this, it has such a lovely vibe to it. Looking forward to seeing how this setting develops.

I just went to back the project, but this project seems to only process payments via making an account through PayPal, which unfortunately is giving me issues. I am able to pay with card on other projects, but for some reason it only gives the option to pay through PayPal here. Is there way for you to enable paying through card, or is there perhaps another way to back the project aside from through PayPal?

Oh great, I'm definitely looking forward to it then! Thanks for the update :)

Been meaning to get this for ages and just picked it up from Exalted Funeral for their Black Friday sale! I've seen though the gorgeous GM screen and printed map that had come with the Kickstarter; is there anywhere you can still purchase either of these (especially the GM screen)? I have them digitally from where you posted them on itch, but it's always nicer to have them professionally printed.

This is probably one of my favourite solo journaling RPGs I've tried. Such a lovely concept and it's one I see myself coming back to again and again.

Really happy to see this still being worked on! As a lover of CRPGs and also FOSS, this project has always been one I have very much appreciated. Keep up the excellent work!

This sounds amazing, I will definitely be backing this when it comes out. Hope this happens so I can have this and lots of others in-hand. Thanks so much for letting us know!

This is so amazing, wow. I really need to run this. Fantastic concept and love the d20 item roll table too.

Another card or even a small zine with this is something I'd love to see, this is great. I especially love Tocsin, very distinct.

Though, did you mean to have the 'd' of 'dressed' on the second line for Severo's section? Seems to be just a typo.

This is one of my favourite submissions so far to this jam, bravo! Especially love the 'booster rooster' and 'disaster hatcher'.

This is pretty great! A minor edit I would suggest is to change the action resolution to say something along the lines of "...on a roll of 7 or above you succeed, anything below is a fail, and on a roll of 1 or 2 you gain a Stress counter." Saying "a roll above 6" or "a roll below 3" just isn't as clear if you're skimming to remember.

Could maybe even do something like:

  • 7+  | Success
  • 6-3 | Fail
  • 1-2 | Fail + one Stress counter

I really want to print some of these and just leave them about in various places. Thank you for this. Love the simplicity and effectiveness.

"To do something, roll 1d6 equal to under your Target Number."

Did you mean equal to or under your Target Number? Regardless, love mini-system here!

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If there are not extra print copies, I purposely ordered more so I could share them with people who would appreciate this type of material as well. You seem like you would, so I'd be happy to arrange something with you once I get my print copies.

Any update on this? I adore the concept here and would also be interested in a printable PDF.