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This is amazing, me and my friends were looking for something to play and were pleasantly surprised to find something like this, thanks man!

Me and friends, got a lot of laughs and enjoyed the hilarity of your game.

I love this :D 

Good job man!

This is awesome! :D

This is really fun, and very very unique :D

This game is awesome :D

This is really cool! Good job man!

Awesome game man! :D

The game is really fun :D, I just think the screen size might be a bit to small but other than that its great!

This is so cool and unique! You really made the theme your own, good job :D

This is really good! Good job :D

Good job :D

This is so cool and puzzling :D

I love this game! :D

I am getting it when it comes out! I am so hyped :D

This is really fun, I bet with a bit more polish this game would be awesome to have on my phone! Good job :D 

I really enjoyed making this game! I hope other people enjoy playing it, this is my first public game so give me all the criticism you can please! 

I love this game and also saw that dreadful whispers reference, good job!

Wow what a great game, I wonder who made it 

Very fun and unique, good job :D