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Thanks for third place in graphics everyone! Post-Jam coming soon!

it's great, unique, and the physics are fun as well. The art is great and charming, too. It's everything it should be, and it's a nice little time sink. My only problem with it is the time it takes to put up your force field, it's certainly too long. But nevertheless, I like this game a lot.

I'm glad you finally submitted to the jam, and I hope to see more of this in the future. I hope someone polishes up this game and makes it even better, although I'm certainly not qualified to do so myself.

Oh boy I love this game

Really nice physics, I always thought that Godot having advanced car physics seemed kinda odd and specific, but it's a really nice car engine, and this game just runs away with it. (get it?)

Only problem is that you can't always get on the car when you want to, and there's too many obstacles to ever have a chance of outrunning the tornado. But maybe it's better like that.

It's chaotic and lively like a natural disaster should be, and this is pretty much the only game in the jam that captures that. It's really fun, and it was a nice surprise when I first ran it.

Oh god, this game is adorable. The stock sound effects and ms paint art give it such a charming aesthetic it's amazing. It's surprisingly arcade-like, being somehow simple yet extremely hard to master, and addicting. I could sink my time on this for hours on end, it's great.

I think the simplicity works in its favour, but then again I would like more human/enemy types. Using humans as ammo is probably something never thought of before by anyone on earth.

The only things that aren't perfect with this is the lack of music, and that you die too fast. Pretty fun though!

aww dude! I really wanted to play it. It doesn't work for me. (Windows 10, x64)

Pretty solid game, but you should seriously reconsider building for windows, I'm sure you can get in contact with the jam hosts and they'll let you.

Either way it's a nice little relaxing game, my only complaints are that you die too soon and that you should be aware that not all phones are suited for heavy-visual games. Try putting a setting to toggle textures and effects, or only load what's on screen.

Also, you have to drag the pad from the center to the direction you want to go in, this makes it a little clunky.

It took much work, but I finally took control of the shlidawoop and managed to get the shloops and get to the shubastooper before the rudalooper of doom got to me.

Controls nicely, pretty deep movement mechanic considering it's only one button. It was hard, but fair, and certainly tense. The visuals are memorable, and the score is as tense as the gameplay. Pretty solid overall. Kept me hungry for more levels, though! 

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Great score, nice game feel and pretty cool idea. This game has a lot more polish than most others, but I'm hungry for more content. Great game nevertheless, and I hope this gets updated! 

Only issue I had is that the jumping was a bit wacky at times, and I didn't feel in full control of the character's weapon. Other than that, it's nice. And nice work with the key binding! I found about it a bit too late... D:

Thank you! Haha, that was my inspiration.

Thank you! I could've been better organized, but I'm glad you liked it.

Thank you! Spent a good amount of time on that, I'm glad it was worth it.

Very true, I could've planned out sound earlier. Thanks!

Great game! The only thing is that permadeath and lack of jumps aren't the best. Also, you should have an option to reverse the controls

Nice game, very frustrating! Works on my nintendo controllers. (Wii and Wii U)

Nice and original, lovely art style and concept. Although I never got any money.

Also, on another note, I expected a joke game from the name, but I got an Edmund-worthy game. As some have pointed out, the name doesn't do the game justice.

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I'll give a throughout review, not because I disliked it, but because I loved the game and would like to see it improve

controls are tight as hell, it's great how accurate you can get if you use the controller, as I got my controller set up just for this game.

respawn times are amazingly quick, and levels don't overstay their welcome, which is good in my book, kinda makes it like super meat boy.

These are a few of the issues I had, but they by no means ruin the experience.

1. Momentum is completely reset when you bump into something, which ends up being a cheap way to cheat some of the challenges, and an annoying obstacle in others.

2.Hitboxes are kinda too punishing, I didn't know what hit me some of the time.

3. There's no way to tell if a carrot is fast or slow, you have to test it out.

4. Staircases are kinda annoying, as you often overshoot or undershoot.

Also, here's a few changes I would make, that are entirely up to you to implement.

A) make the mushroom's hitbox not expand as much when jumping

B) get rid of invisible walls, put spikes instead.

C) zoom the camera out, I would prefer to see everything in the level at once

D) change the aspect ratio

Loved the game, and spent some hours into finishing it, it was pretty rewarding. Love it!

I wholeheartedly hope you win. 

there's one, if you use a controller.

My record was 74974!

You could definitely  improve in an update, because this look s like it has potential.

Nice little time waster, I just wish there was more content to fill up the desert.

Nice art style though.

Nice game! The only two things that I found that weren't perfect were the slow respawn and the small resolution. Great game nevertheless!

Lovely atmosphere, if you could do warmer lights it would be perfect. This is the kind of stuff I'd like to do in VR.

We truly didn't deserve tsunami flappy bird, after all.

Nice style, and surprisingly original!, This could be an entertaining mobile game for sure.