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Thanks TempoSmith, glad you like it! I definitely should make more of these, so more packs will be coming soon!

Hi! This is really a cool software! This is easy to get the ropes and if you have experience and motivation, you can make a prototype in a short amount of time! Amazing! Looking forward to see where it is going!

Hi! I'm not into this jam, but I enjoyed your game! Some people may find this game too weird or the concept simple, but this is still a great idea, well executed! I know that for game jams, you need to do a lot of stuff in a restricted amount of time, but keep the prototype, you can turn it into, I don't know, a musical top-down open-world :) At least, this is the first thing that popped into my mind after I cleared the game!

Thank you!

For info:

Normal => Standard speed, a big enemy spawn every 5 seconds
Creepy => Fast speed, a big enemy spawn every 5 seconds
Nightmare => Fast speed, a big enemy spawn every 2.5 seconds

Thanks for your comment! I had to rush some things because I had no time to implement everything, and I know there is also a bug with the hi-scores, but the rules of the game jam don't allow me to make patches... I'll probably do them after the results! Thanks for the constructive criticism!

Congratulations! I purchased the game in another platform and loved it so far! I will soon need the DLC, but first I will need spare time to play :D Cheers!