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I loved the demo!
Also, sorry, I left Twitter behind me, but I don't forget all the contacts I made here!

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I finally find time to start this, I am actually at 34%. This is fun and has a good game feel! Here are my actual feelings:

  • The game is fun immediatly as we start it!
  • A minimalist design but no useless info, we know what to do.
  • The tiny dragon is cute!
  • Good point to allow the player configure the controls!
  • Bug with at least one music not looping correctly (at least in level B-1).
  • I would suggest to add a checkpoint in 1 or 2 screens before a boss battle! For example, this is frustrating in the first castle to remake the whole way to the treasure and the keys each time the player get his ass wiped by the boss! Or, at least, the possibility to re-trigger the checkpoint!
  • I don't know if this is voluntary or not, but the "!" marks are resetted each time the player moves from screen to screen, which allows him to get infinite coins! :D

Cheers and congrats to making this in three weeks time!

Hi! Thanks for the feedback! These were only the first levels, the easiest ones, and the next zones will take place in different zones. Bosses are planned, so don't worry about that! Actually, there is no Discord, but if some people ask for it, I'll create it! And I take note about the health drops, I'll lower the drop rate. Anyway, thanks, I'll think about a Discord ;)

Hello, it's me again! I am making a rogue-like ~

Long story short : chiptunes, catgirls and weapons!

I just finished to code the core of the procgen, I can add some stuff and mechanics now!

Have a preview of the prototype ~

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I finished my music pack! 15 tracks. Since this is a paid pack, I made a demo with the 4 first tracks. Anyways, I can generate a key for the ranking purpose!

Off I'll try to make a small rogue-like as a second submission, but I don't think I will finish it in time.

Hi Ink Kit! I was actually thinking on a level theme for a beat'em up, but it could also fit well for a boss! Thanks for the appreciation, glad you like it! :)

So, if I get it right, we can post our progress thought this thread :)

Well, since I'm better with VGM composition than game development, I set up my resolution for 2020: to be more focused on music composition. I have a audio asset pack in my itch page which is paid but incomplete, so I will take the jam as an opportunity to finish it and maybe start a new one!

Before the jam, there were 8 track on the pack, I plan to make a pack of 15. I am actually doing one track per day since the January 1st. That make an actual total of 12 tracks. Here is the track of yesterday :

Of course, the video shows the non-loopable version. This is for listening purposes only.

I know I should use SoundCloud, but I don't approve this website since they tried to revamp it. So I went back on YouTube.

So my project(s) will be audio tracks!

By the way, if a team of someone wants customized tracks for their projects, feel free to contact me. I can do 8bit and 16bits MegaDrive packs right now. :)

Good luck to everyone!

Thank you Rakuen Zero, glad you like it! I made two other tracks during Christmas, so expect an update in the next days! \o/
Expect a track that could be paired with "Final Wrath", here is the video of this track I'll soon include in the pack, just below

Thanks again!

Thanks TempoSmith, glad you like it! I definitely should make more of these, so more packs will be coming soon!

Hi! This is really a cool software! This is easy to get the ropes and if you have experience and motivation, you can make a prototype in a short amount of time! Amazing! Looking forward to see where it is going!

Hi! I'm not into this jam, but I enjoyed your game! Some people may find this game too weird or the concept simple, but this is still a great idea, well executed! I know that for game jams, you need to do a lot of stuff in a restricted amount of time, but keep the prototype, you can turn it into, I don't know, a musical top-down open-world :) At least, this is the first thing that popped into my mind after I cleared the game!

Thank you!

For info:

Normal => Standard speed, a big enemy spawn every 5 seconds
Creepy => Fast speed, a big enemy spawn every 5 seconds
Nightmare => Fast speed, a big enemy spawn every 2.5 seconds

Thanks for your comment! I had to rush some things because I had no time to implement everything, and I know there is also a bug with the hi-scores, but the rules of the game jam don't allow me to make patches... I'll probably do them after the results! Thanks for the constructive criticism!

Congratulations! I purchased the game in another platform and loved it so far! I will soon need the DLC, but first I will need spare time to play :D Cheers!