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Captive is a short survival horror game. You can download the game here.

Platforms - Windows & Android

Brief Description:

You play as Will Smith, A victim of a notorious kidnapper in his neighborhood. You're now stuck in a prison cell hearing the screams of other victims as they're executed in the next room. You must escape at all costs without leaving a single trace behind. 

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Dead Inside is a short horror game, You can download the game by clicking here.

Platform - Windows


You play as Ricky Williams, A lonely musician living in a studio apartment. On one fine night, someone blocks the front door of your apartment in an attempt to stop you from attending your concert. On the same day, you also start seeing paranormal activities. Could it be one of your haters pulling a prank or the person you killed 3 years ago....

I only tested this game on a redmi note 8 pro. I don't really know how it'll perform on other devices. You can set the resolution to a lower one like 640 X 360 if the game lags.

 Unity Engine 2019.3

I think mac os blocks apps from unknown developers. Try holding control and then click on the .app file and then press open.

Did the game crash? If it did I just released patch 1.1 that fixes these game-breaking bugs. If the game didn't load that's mostly due to a slow HDD.

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The Forgotten is a short PSX survival horror game. You can download the game by clicking here.

Platforms - PC, Mac OS X, Linux & Android

Story : -

Orkburg, 1989. A virus made in Orkburg wiped out nearly all of the life in the city. The government sealed off the city before it could spread to more people. Rumors are floating around that the person who made the virus is haunting the city looking for surviving locals to kill. You play as a kid trying to escape the city alive. E̵̮̬͑V̷̯̈͛E̷͎̅R̶̬̽Y̵̡͑̆Ő̷̘̭̚Ń̷̳͝Ė̸̖̬̏ ̴̗̌W̷̯̃H̴͕̠͆Ǒ̴̮̯ ̵̱͑͒Ṭ̴͊R̵̫̆I̴̦̊E̶͖͋͜D̸̢̮̀ ̷͔̎͝Ț̶̌O̶͎̽ ̵̝͌ͅL̶̗̥̈́̈́Ȇ̷̩͎Ä̵̧͙́̾V̵̨̈Ę̷͖͊͝ ̴͎̍͠D̸̢͓̑̋Î̵̪D̶̗̻̍Ń̶͕'̶̭̓T̷͚̑ ̶̅̍ͅS̴͉͝É̵͉̍É̴̮̂ ̸̥̬͑́T̷̢̼̓Ḩ̵̺͌E̴̠͌ ̵͇͔͐̂L̸̨͆ͅI̷͙̙̔͛G̵̨͛H̷̫͊̅T̵̝̊̉ ̸̢́̓O̸͙͂̍F̵̛͇͂ ̸̠̠̒T̵̠̎̍H̶̠͖̒͆Ē̵͖̰̃ ̴̙̿D̶̤̝́̅À̸̫̉Y̶̝̻̊̕,̵̨͖̏͠ ̵̅͜W̷̢̩͑̇I̶̛̲̝͛L̵͓̫̇̑L̷̳̋ ̶̦̖͛̊Y̵͙͊Ȍ̸̧͋U̶͉̓ ̶̡̓B̸̑͜͠Ȇ̸͎̗̂ ̶̰̠̀̚Ą̶̮̃̐B̶͕̍́L̷̘͛E̵̦̺͋̇ ̵̲͈̌̈́T̸͚̫͑Ŏ̵̮̯̊ ̶̻͗̾ͅE̷͖̹͂S̸͈̯͝Ć̸̻̮̀A̵̧͍̒P̸̰̐͠E̸̱͆̈́?̴͂̾͜ ̷̹̱͗

It's not worth porting a 10-minute horror game to a console. Plus the ending was designed to be played with a mouse and it also uses a text to speech library.

Did you try typing 'sudo comp shutdown' while in the terminal. 

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Did you press the spinning disc icon, that icon will take you to the main menu. I know it's bad ux design but I wanted it to look like a ps1 game.

Edit : I updated the game so now if the player doesn't press the icon withing 12 seconds the menu will load automatically.

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The key code for the front door can be found in the basement, there you will find a computer and entering the commands shown on the screen will reveal the code for the front door.

Silent House is a short PS1 styled survival horror game. You can download the game by clicking here.

You play as John Williams, the victim of a car accident. You wake your unconscious body and find yourself in a prison cell and your kidnapper is going to eat you alive. That's what your logical brain thinks maybe he just wants to hug you. You must escape at all costs or die (not recommended).  This game is available on - PC, Mac OS X, Linux & Android

Originally there was a copy to the clipboard button on the note to copy the password but it felt unrealistic so I removed it.

Something In The Shadows is a short home invasion horror game made in 7 days for Scream Jam 2019. You can download the game by clicking here.

This game continues the story of Midnight Nightmare. You play as Sean McDuckFace and you escape a home invasion in midnight nightmare. You move to a house located in a deep forest with no windows and no neighbors. You killed Hunter in the previous game but he survived as cops arrived at your previous apartment and rescued him. This time Felix and hunter are trying to kill you by setting up a trap. Would you be able to survive this time?

If you have played the game, please consider leaving a rating. The feedback helps me to improve. 

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Midnight Nightmare is a short home invasion horror game, you can play the game by clicking here

You play as Sean McDuckFace. You're sleeping in your bedroom and a loud knock wakes you up at midnight. Someone is trying to get into your house and kill you. You have to make sure he doesn't get in, or you'll be dead meat. Call 911, hide, check the cameras, kill and do whatever else it takes to stay alive from an axe wielding maniac.

Hotel Nightmare

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Hotel Nightmare is a short META horror game, you can play the game by clicking here.

You play as John McLoughlin who is a detective, You're investigating the crime scene in a cheap hotel. Unlucky for him the hotel is haunted and the game is self-aware. Only the chosen one can escape the hotel unharmed. The dead folks have left a note guiding the chosen one to escape the hotel. Are you the chosen one?

I made both of the games I can tell which one is better

:( Bruh Sound Effect 3

I don't know why this game go to top 20 in popular...(Probably a big youtuber played the game) If you're reading this you should check out GAME.exe instead coz this game won't be getting updates anymore and GAME.exe is way better than this.

Game.exe is a short META horror game, you can play the game by clicking here.
You play as Mark McLoughlin who is a creepypasta writer. When you're doing your work you notice that your laptop is glitching out, you ignore the weird glitches because if you don't upload the creepypasta today you're getting fired.
Little did you know that your laptop was hacked my a creepy stalker and now you have to play his creepy games or you'll be dead meat.


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tag the game with #horror so you get more views and downloads

The name of the game is GLITCH. Falling through the storage room and the gravity changing is not a bug.

press download now and then press No thanks, just take me to the downloads and when it's done downloading run the setup

That was just the phone asking you to fill in the password

I am only 14 so no mean comments Plz but if you don't like my games then please leave your constructive criticism.

It's not a game bug , I think your system couldn't handle the game and the textures,animations and sounds didn't load.

I don't think you're a native English speaker but that's my game, you should probably remove this post.

The apartment 2 is a short home invasion horror game.

I've put a lot of effort in this game so please check it out and if you don't like it please leave your contructive criticism in the comments.

Game Link -

In game screenshot-