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I didn't develop MONO or I am capable of doing that. I ruined this game by adding pointless jumpscares and rushing the game.

Puedes descargar la demo gratis y comprar el juego por 1 $.  El juego no soporta español.  Esta respuesta se realizó con el traductor de google y podría no ser precisa.

I made this game in 2 week's and I'm not seeing enough criticism. Feel free to leave a bad rating or your constructive criticism.

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tag the game with #horror so you get more views and downloads

The name of the game is GLITCH. Falling through the storage room and the gravity changing is not a bug.

press download now and then press No thanks, just take me to the downloads and when it's done downloading run the setup

That was just the phone asking you to fill in the password

I am only 14 so no mean comments Plz but if you don't like my games then please leave your constructive criticism.

It's not a game bug , I think your system couldn't handle the game and the textures,animations and sounds didn't load.

I don't think you're a native English speaker but that's my game, you should probably remove this post.

The apartment 2 is a short home invasion horror game.

I've put a lot of effort in this game so please check it out and if you don't like it please leave your contructive criticism in the comments.

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