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Not Alone is a short survival horror game.

You play as Ethan. You're walking home late at night on the streets with someone following you from a distance. Even if you make it to your house safely, the doors won't keep your stalker out. It's up to you to help Ethan survive with a serial killer on the loose.

Thanks for playing.

The P.T part won't be included in the final game. The full game will focus on the investigation mechanic and solving the case.

This is a short prototype build of my upcoming horror game - Midnight Visitor.

In the demo, you play as a detective. The game starts with you investigating a crime scene but soon your objective changes to escaping in one piece. The demo lasts about 10-20 minutes.

Thanks for playing.

You're supposed to fight the zombies so they don't swarm you at the end. The zombies drop ammo and health randomly. If they don't drop any ammo you're forced to use the knife.

Thanks for playing. I know that the texture warp effect is too much, but I didn't really want to change the warp effect on every single material, so I left it as it is. I did disable the effect for the road.

Thanks for playing. "You run faster with a knife" is a counter-strike reference.

Thanks for playing.

Thanks for playing.

The night of '87 is a horror game with PS1-style graphics.

You play as Robert Williams, who just woke up in a bathroom. He has lost all of his recent memory. Try to piece together what happened on the night of '87. Is the protagonist a hero or a villain trying to hide his dark past? Because waking up near a dead body is very sus.

This game was made in 7 days for the scream jam 2021.

Twisted Dreams is a short horror game.

You play as Mike Philips, a hardworking man working away on his computer for days without taking a break. You, as a player, have to help Mike break his routine. Would you be able to help him before Mike takes matters into his own hands…

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Yes, You can stream this game on twitch.

The Bug is now fixed in the latest update - Update 1.1.0 - Lurk by FreezeStudios (

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A temporary fix to this bug is to press the space bar to get up from the chair.

Edit: Fixed in the latest update - Update 1.1.0 - Lurk by FreezeStudios (

Thanks for playing. Looks like you got stuck. Here's a walkthrough link if anyone else is also having problems -

Thanks for playing. The ending explains why the studio cameras are in the room.

Thanks for playing. I was using the cassette model because I had it on my drive. I quickly made a VHS tape and replaced it. I added some hints to make it easier to get a good ending.

Lurk is a short horror game.

The game starts with you watching TV at 3:00 AM. Someone leaves you a package at your doorstep late at night. It’s a cassette, you decide to ignore the red flags and play it. Find out the mystery that’s hidden in the cassette before it’s too late.

Silent House R.E is a short PS1-style survival horror game. You're trying to escape a house after being kidnapped in a public washroom. There are multiple ways to escape but there's no easy way out. As you’re trying to escape, You discover that the house has some hidden secrets.

You can't play the game once you complete it as it's a design choice.

I had plans to redo the AI but never got the time to do it. 

If you want to play again you would have to delete the saved data

1. Press Win + R Key 

2. Enter regedit in the text box and click ok. 


4. Open Software 

5. Find FreezeStudios 

6. Open it and delete Silent House

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This is very cool, I have never seen a Chibi-Robo type game before. I don't know if it's a secret or a bug, but the closet doors don't have any collisions.

Type shutdown in the text box and then press enter.

No. It's hard to port a game that relies so heavily on a mouse to a small screen.

Explore the Dark Deep Web in HQ_DARK_WEB. [This game was made for the HQ_RESIDENTIAL_HOUSE_GAME_JAM]

Platform - Windows

You just joined your new job as the deep web moderator. Your task is to report all of the shady sites on the deep web. This job has made you a huge target among the deep web site runners.

Will you survive the deep web? 

Or will it consume you...


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Captive is a short survival horror game. You can download the game here.

Platforms - Windows & Android

Brief Description:

You play as Will Smith, A victim of a notorious kidnapper in his neighborhood. You're now stuck in a prison cell hearing the screams of other victims as they're executed in the next room. You must escape at all costs without leaving a single trace behind. 

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Dead Inside is a short horror game, You can download the game by clicking here.

Platform - Windows


You play as Ricky Williams, A lonely musician living in a studio apartment. On one fine night, someone blocks the front door of your apartment in an attempt to stop you from attending your concert. On the same day, you also start seeing paranormal activities. Could it be one of your haters pulling a prank or the person you killed 3 years ago....

 Unity Engine 2019.3

I think mac os blocks apps from unknown developers. Try holding control and then click on the .app file and then press open.

Did the game crash? If it did I just released patch 1.1 that fixes these game-breaking bugs. If the game didn't load that's mostly due to a slow HDD.

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The Forgotten is a short PSX survival horror game. You can download the game by clicking here.

Platforms - PC, Mac OS X, Linux & Android

Story : -

Orkburg, 1989. A virus made in Orkburg wiped out nearly all of the life in the city. The government sealed off the city before it could spread to more people. Rumors are floating around that the person who made the virus is haunting the city looking for surviving locals to kill. You play as a kid trying to escape the city alive. E̵̮̬͑V̷̯̈͛E̷͎̅R̶̬̽Y̵̡͑̆Ő̷̘̭̚Ń̷̳͝Ė̸̖̬̏ ̴̗̌W̷̯̃H̴͕̠͆Ǒ̴̮̯ ̵̱͑͒Ṭ̴͊R̵̫̆I̴̦̊E̶͖͋͜D̸̢̮̀ ̷͔̎͝Ț̶̌O̶͎̽ ̵̝͌ͅL̶̗̥̈́̈́Ȇ̷̩͎Ä̵̧͙́̾V̵̨̈Ę̷͖͊͝ ̴͎̍͠D̸̢͓̑̋Î̵̪D̶̗̻̍Ń̶͕'̶̭̓T̷͚̑ ̶̅̍ͅS̴͉͝É̵͉̍É̴̮̂ ̸̥̬͑́T̷̢̼̓Ḩ̵̺͌E̴̠͌ ̵͇͔͐̂L̸̨͆ͅI̷͙̙̔͛G̵̨͛H̷̫͊̅T̵̝̊̉ ̸̢́̓O̸͙͂̍F̵̛͇͂ ̸̠̠̒T̵̠̎̍H̶̠͖̒͆Ē̵͖̰̃ ̴̙̿D̶̤̝́̅À̸̫̉Y̶̝̻̊̕,̵̨͖̏͠ ̵̅͜W̷̢̩͑̇I̶̛̲̝͛L̵͓̫̇̑L̷̳̋ ̶̦̖͛̊Y̵͙͊Ȍ̸̧͋U̶͉̓ ̶̡̓B̸̑͜͠Ȇ̸͎̗̂ ̶̰̠̀̚Ą̶̮̃̐B̶͕̍́L̷̘͛E̵̦̺͋̇ ̵̲͈̌̈́T̸͚̫͑Ŏ̵̮̯̊ ̶̻͗̾ͅE̷͖̹͂S̸͈̯͝Ć̸̻̮̀A̵̧͍̒P̸̰̐͠E̸̱͆̈́?̴͂̾͜ ̷̹̱͗

It's not worth porting a 10-minute horror game to a console. Plus the ending was designed to be played with a mouse and it also uses a text to speech library.

Did you try typing 'sudo comp shutdown' while in the terminal. 

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Did you press the spinning disc icon, that icon will take you to the main menu. I know it's bad ux design but I wanted it to look like a ps1 game.

Edit : I updated the game so now if the player doesn't press the icon withing 12 seconds the menu will load automatically.

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The key code for the front door can be found in the basement, there you will find a computer and entering the commands shown on the screen will reveal the code for the front door.

Silent House is a short PS1 styled survival horror game. You can download the game by clicking here.

You play as John Williams, the victim of a car accident. You wake your unconscious body and find yourself in a prison cell and your kidnapper is going to eat you alive. That's what your logical brain thinks maybe he just wants to hug you. You must escape at all costs or die (not recommended).  This game is available on - PC, Mac OS X, Linux & Android

Originally there was a copy to the clipboard button on the note to copy the password but it felt unrealistic so I removed it.