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update ist schon in arbeit

vielen dank! ich finde es selber noch verrückt xD

wow that makes me very happy, the game is not yet perfect in my eyes and there is still a lot missing, but many thanks

I don't quite understand what you mean yet, but thanks for your feedback

thank you, The game is longer, there is also the chapter 2 demo and the prototype for the full version. but I'm glad you like it

Uhh interesting

he (manatock) is not dieable

what thing do you mean?

I don't get along better with any other engine than Blender, as I grew up with Blender

Thank you, this Support me a lot

I will Test this thomorrow and IT looks really Nice👍

i have played all levels and it is funny :D

Thank you :D

when my computer is not that so slow, than i´ll been faster xD

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Hey im good at 3d modelling, texturing, rigging and animating. my discord name ist Tzapfron

it is cool but you have to fix bugs. keep going :)

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I will Play it now and im so excited

edit: this robots are really scarry xD

Thank you for your Video and im Working hard on the game right now

nice game! keep going :D

Impressive! This game is amazing! but I wonder why it's installation software

Nice Game :D


Funny xD

ok hello naighbor   :|

true you are absolutely right

funny :D


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nice game i like it

Omgggg thaaannkss xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

SOOOO MUTCHH ITS Just my First Game i have ever Made

Its a .exe File

done :D