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Frederick Kramer Dal Pra

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I liked the idea and the minimalist approach but I think you could still do a better presentation.
Try to use colors that complement each other, and it could be a little faster.
Having just one button makes your input precious, I think that holding the button could be another thing, like reset, change color or something in this line.

Cute and very enjoyable!

So hard and so simple!!
Could be a little easier, but is ok!
Very nice!

Man, crazy graphics and presentation!!
I liked the idea a lot, my only problem with and what I think kills it, is that the feedback is not there. You don't feel any punchs it looks confusing, and while the sprite animation is good, I can not say the same about the sliding.
If you continues to update it, I would be very glad to play it again!
Great job!

Just a note: My anti-virus warned me when I downloaded. I am using 360 Total Security. Maybe is better to zip it...

You have an awesome framework here!
Looking forward to see what will you do next!!

Apparently I submitted...It is on the list, but it keeps saying that I haven't sent, weird...

Same problem! Waiting for an answer!