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Freddy Death

A member registered Mar 28, 2020

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Yeah, so that is not a good game.

its  already very cool that you see the potential in the game and that you think about expending it.  definitely will check time to strick on steam !

so that very cool  if you starting to doing it.  

the images feel like better than gartren of banban x) 

but im thinking man, maybe you should try to change direction ? like your game are very fanmadey of garten of banban and im curious of what you can made that just don't feel like mascot horror or garten of banban. maybe you should try one game to just make another type of game or with a different graphics direction. i sure you can make very cool games

nice game, hope it get bigger :)

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yeqh i understand that,it was just a little idea  but yeah i understand that you don't really want, its just that i  can't subscirbe ta patreon and things like that so steam is my only way to support dev. until that *big hug* hope you don't stress too much and all

im surprised to have made a bug report and that it really was a problem :)

to be honest with you when the game come to steam (even in early acess or other) i will buy the game :)

but yeah even for early access you have a lot to do. also on steam you can make a supporter dlc and thing like that.

big big support (more emotional support than money support (╥﹏╥) )

your doing the right things and we totally understand. i think a lot of develloper are changing. i know that Glowstick (dark deception) is doing the same. i hope unity realise what they have made, and will suffer consequences

bruhvioli, fucking loving you

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you should definitely port it to steam like unsorted horror !

hey there, in steam there is a game called Connection Haunted, is this a game that one of you made or just a peoples that develop the idea of this game ? :)

No response ? I need to know too

this game seem so good, do you think you will port it to steam or have bigger project with this game ? (i know a second game is coming but im talking to this specific game)

Shit, rip my bro

Im from france and i can acces the page. Did you try to search the game on the app steam ?

YEYY ! i think im the only one of this community to be this hype to the game to come on steam :)

what type of change ?

thank a lot for all the answer, very very hype for the game to come on steam, i will get it day one :)

Whut ?

i was thinking,   what will be the price ? is there will be a reduction for the first day and is the game will get more expensive when chapter will be added ? (and is   the other chapter will come in dlc or as game update ? ANDDD is the steam version will have the patreon chapter and exclusive  ?) love your game :)

we need an entire saga :)


amazing game guy you are incredible keep up the good work

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here :

and if bruhvioli see this comment please let us know first, what  happened to the game  and  if this gonna have an official reupload/update/remake

yor game is good and you are very talented.  like a said once if this game was on steam i would 100% buy it. please bruhvioli

i don't know if bruhvioli is gonna repost the game but if you want i have a copy of the game

thanks man

please add Multporn

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very very good game im happy that you will made a second game

I know that but i think this game as potential for more

We need more to this game please

good game