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Franny Dancis

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My tabletop design class used your game as an example of great experimental rpgs! It was really fun DMing, and I used your game as a heavy inspiration for mine. Thank you so much for designing something so great!

This was a cute game! My only critique is that I wish the upper and lower walls were walls instead of death traps :( Other than that, this was really fun! Good work!

Super cute game. I wish there was a bit more variety when it came to the targets, but they were all pretty cute! i also agree in thinking that there probably could be some screen shake. Great game though!

Definitely agree with the other comment, but this game was fun, and the sound effects are a lot of fun!

I have now fixed this bug in the most recent update! Thanks for pointing it out :)

Thank you so much for your comments! The issue with the presents is a currently known bug, I honestly am losing my mind trying to figure out its origin! I agree with your comment on committing to an attack, and yes it is made in Godot.  Honestly the weather particles were an afterthought which is why I made the option to turn them off, the particleFX in Godot are confusing. Thanks for playing again, and your comment was amazing to recieve! I'm glad you enjoyed our game that much!

That's a known bug! A result of rushing to quickly implement a collectable present ;-; I have an idea on what it is, and I'll probably be updating to fix it.