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I think this is a cool game with very nice visuals, mechanics, animations and audio. 

It still needs some polish but the quality is very impressive considering that you had only 48 hours to develop it.

I really hope to see this game updated and finished as I read in some comments.

Just wanted to give you some ideas because I think this game has the potential to be a really nice roguelike. Adding UI to see health, adjusting the game difficulty, have unique items, enemy drops and having a map the game would be so much better.

Great job guys!

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I think this is really good and interesting puzzle game. I like how the game uses the same levels but with different obstacles like opposite lines or "line stopping" waves in a very clever way.

My only criticism is that the "hint" button directly gives you the solution of the level rather than giving you a hint.

It's so cool how  a few simple rules can make such a great game!