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Hi, i recently discovered this game :) 

I like the offerings mechanic and the decisions you can make along the way. I think the control scheme need some improvement though since it is a little painful to play, maybe use the z/x/c controls from Hollow Knight?

There is some details too that could be tweaked, i like the dynamic button jump but the physics are too heavy for the character, it should be able to backtrack areas. I understand it is a prototype so there is always room for feedback. 

Unfortunately, i couldn't complete the demo because the boss bar overlapped with the death menu :(.  It would be awesome if you continue this prototype since it is decent and the concept has potential.

Hi! Yeah, it's pretty hidden haha that was not the intention though, thanks  for your feedback :) 

Thanks for your feedback :), i appreciate it. 

We will make the objetive more clear in the next build to prevent misunderstandings.  

Oh i see, well there was a screw up from our part :p. There is an up button (space) and you are supposed to go up because  the lack of parachute lol. We will make it clear in the next build since this could get the wrong idea.

I loved the voxel aesthetics and the idea of having a stress bar for the cat. While i like fixed camera angles, i think the directional controls should not have the cat rotating until you press forward, it misleads you from where you want to go (maybe instead just have the cat dissobey you progressively as you run out of food?).  

I couldn't finish it because i kinda got lost but the concept is amazing and the art is beatiful :).

I love how unique this game is to the theme <3. The game is challenging and it has a ridiculous touch that i like it! I was wondering why Castro was always winning until i read the historical event. 

Maybe just add more info on the points each party has in realtime? It could improve the game feel even more if this turns into a +2 player, since i assume penalties also affect the opponents. Otherwise, this is one of my favorite entries in this jam.   

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At first i didn't get it but after messing with the systems i finally got to like it! It's a nice concept because it is not a race but a balance of power. 

Even tho there is no tutorial as mentioned, i think the game flow was great  and maybe you could improve the UI (aside from the currency, which was easy to understand)  to make it more accesible :) 

Great job! :D

Thanks, we appreciate it! 

It's a shame the game doesn't run smoothly on some devices :( , but we will fix it to improve the game performance. Maybe it has to do with the topology, because the textures are already reduced. 


I really had fun with this one! It's simple but the aesthetic is cute. Maybe you should add a restart button, I tried to do perfect score but every time I failed I had to refresh the page.

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I liked how this fits in the theme, it's wholesome and it is an interesting concept. I find a little odd the emote controls (maybe just use the number keys?).  I think it could be expanded further by giving meaningful interactions with the npcs, that would add to the experience (though the randomization makes the npcs feel like a different character already).

Nice concept! It took me a while realize the rules but it certainly is addictive. I just think the timer is too quick and at times it becomes frustating. Maybe start with some free space to let the player adapt? And then ramp the difficulty progressively...

I like the twist  "you are the corrupt copilot" as it fits nicely with the theme. The goal is silly but it definitely has its charm and although there is no clear visual guide at all, the voice lines  really do the job of helping you get out off the road! 

One thing i should consider is that once you know the gimmick,  it can get a little trial and error as you can get messy with the controls and still win, but i guess that was a design choice. It definitely  has potential and i would like to see more of it.

It was more a time decision more than a design choice (not adjusting this to a more common resolution lol). Will keep updating this game because i like the vibes so yeah window resolution and ui is expected to be improved :)

It's quite a chanllenge at first but later when you learn the behaviours it makes the experience more intuitive. I think what could be improved is the enemies, they don't represent a threat at all and they don't force to change your strategy. Overall, i think it has good potential for a simulator.

I like the theme and the concept so much, it really evokes the feeling of being out of control. Aside from the motion sickness issue, i think the camera spinning makes hard to read the scenario even with the minimap. Otherwise, the slow-mo is purrfect and it really helped me in the isolated space.

I really like how the game forces you to think fast and don't forget the rules as you go in each dungeon. I find the ice rule the most annoying but in a good way! >u< Keep the good work!

This one is so cute! I loved the monochromatic aesthetic and the theme. I just didn't understood what the floating paper was and i would be appreciate if the respawn transitions were just more quick(?)  but overall i think it is simple but at the same time challenging and well balanced :)

This was a really funny game! It is so relatable as a cat owner too and i like there is an order in the work stuff you need to do. I think the game flow could be expanded but it is compelling for 48 h! I loved both the artwork and sound design.

Thanks for your feedback! I think that's a great idea  to improve the game flow. :D 

Of course, i will check out your game.

Thanks for your feedback :)! Will take this in consideration to improve the experience.

Yeah, there is details like this that i wanted to change. Sure will do, i will make the features more comfortable and intuitive :)

There is a button that lets you make a reply letter and then you can send the reply. If the button is not there then it is a bug.

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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :) <3

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Already subscribed! 

Please play Born Again, a puzzle game where the goal is to protect your planet.

Thank you! There will be a post jam version of this game, so you can play it if you like.

Glad you like it, it is performed by Mike Jackson. In the description there's a link to the author :)

Thanks for your kind words, i appreciate it :)! I spent this week to expand further this concept and bring strategy to the table, also i played with the aesthetic to make it more inky-esque. There's a version i will release after this jam is over,  so come and play if you like! 

I like the permadeath and that the game forces you to be quick. Good job!

This takes ONE SHOOT to a whole new level

Very neat concept! Replaying the game made me realize that there is more depth in the mechanics than at first glance. Sure it's really polished and impressive for a 48h jam, congratulations! I also liked that you shared your creative process, that's interesting. This is definitely my favorite entry in the jam.

Very funny and cute game, i like the fluffy artstyle and how simple is to learn to use the arrow. There's room for improvement as always, but i would focus on the recoil because sometimes feels punishing in plattforming. Overall, it's impressive and i will try harder to get to the final boss. Good job!

Check out this game! A tower defense with a snake style mechanic 🐍

Thanks for playing, and i see what you are meaning. I will improve the game with that in mind and try other things i didn't due to time restraints.

The urgency is what makes this really entertaining, it forces you to plan and learn other strategies. It's a good card game, and although i couldn't reach 100% research (almost but run out of money xD), sure i will play it again. 

The verb is "grow/ungrow tail" and is about the world serpent that must protect the one Earth 🌎



I went solo dev in this jam with "Born Again", a tower defense with only a snake style mechanic  🐍

In the mean time, i'll be playing your games :)

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Addictive and fun! I like how the learning curve is handled in this one. Although apparently shooting is a recurring trope in this jam, i think you made a good responsive game.  

Wan is the best companion ever, and i like the unexpected use of one for choices. Aspects that can be improved i think is the jump and you could expand further in the Wan mechanic, but it's fair overall. Good job :)

Check out this game! A tower defense with a snake style mechanic 🐍

You as the World Serpent must protect the one Earth from coming meteors. 

  • You can only move forward to grow your tail or backwards to lower it.
  • If you grow your tail so much you can eat it, you will trigger a reset.
  • If your planet is destroyed , you will trigger a void.