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your useless comment is longer than the game

Thanks. Download what? How to remap controls? Sorry if I’m being annoying.

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Controls for keyboard are super uncomfrtable, I guess it’s a great game but because I don’t have controller I can play it. Also there is missing key for charged boom-boom, so I can’t go pass that moment in game.

bruh thanks that helped


If you can’t fly to the space, it doesn’t means it doesn’t exist.

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How do I get achievement “Getting over it” ???

Pretty easy


I’d like to have an option to change the camera to following behind the car.

Dunno, kinda ok.

No yours.

In other words: restart option is helpful. How are you able to stretch 4 words in to a memorial ?

Same lol

With brain.

Well, that’s sad.

Legs of this character aren’t in grass blocks, but I can see through his legs on grass. This happends only to selected grouped parts and when I change angle this also changes:

I have 1660ti and 8gb RAM, I’m not sure it’s because of my pc.

Grapple hook kinda bad.

nice game

Too bad optimization, 5fps is not good.

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Can you please fix this ?

:D, I added some parts you absolutely sure will need.


I’m smart enough to don’t do it)

One of the worst games i’ve ever played.



AHAHHAHAHAH I GOT YOU (my first time)

not C o o L

Actually very interesting game, idk why tbh.

C o o L

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I want to say that u dum, but ill say that you need to run app.

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I really enjoyed playing this game.

Can you make some more levels please ?

Bad@ss shit.

Wtf is that ?