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Hey! I found this game and it’s really nice, but I think there a bug at one part of the story. After you meet Skyler and you talk about Blake with them, the text cuts off on both ways of the story. It might be that the game is still in development and I’m just blind and I didn’t see where you wrote it, or the text isn’t coming through. But other then that the story is amazing with what I’ve read so far!

The game was so nice and well made! Cant wait to see the good endings when you update it in the future (:

Beat weirdest game I have ever played, I loved it

yea but the context it was in was basically you just insulting someone, and technically you can’t use any of those other meanings in that one sentence or it won’t make any sense 

I clicked on this, not knowing what it was and I sat in shock the whole time. Needless to say I was happy I clicked on it

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It was odd but very cool. I’m guessing there are multiple endings(?), but it was slightly disappointing that he didn’t get to do the presentation (In the ending I got, if there are multiple endings). But overall it was funny and I loved it

oh, how I love this comment 

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