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Thank you! I don't have any plans for Android right now, but I believe there is an Android exporter in Ren'Py these days. So I could give it a shot!

I really tried to make it in, but even with the extension I just had too much on my plate to finish in time :\ 2020 continues to be 2020 I guess!

I did get a decent way into my project, so hopefully I can at least post and share when it is done!

Ashamed to say I still haven't settled on a project, much less made any progress D: I have a backup plain that if all else fails, I might grab my partner to record a podcast-style episode where we discuss what we've learned making tabletop games.

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[Reposting from my review, because apparently those are private for some dang reason?]

Love it! To be clear I'm a huge mark for dog games, but still, it takes a pretty powerful VN to make me spend the entire play time talking out loud to my pretend dog like a massive dork. I'm not joking; I genuinely felt a powerful need to say words of comfort to a collection of animations and sound effects. To say that this game resonated with me emotionally would be an understatement by comparison.

The dog models are really delightful and pleasing to interact with, regardless of their simplicity. I loved that they're just, there hanging out in almost every scene, not caring when they interrupt a special moment with a well-timed fart. Yup, that's how dogs do 🖤

Loved all the characters, felt bad about not dating most of the humans since most were super flirty. It's nice to feel wanted? :p I would have liked to become better friends with them though—as in most dating games, you don't get all that much story for anybody who isn't your love interest. That said, you can still hang out with everybody, so it's nice to feel like I wasn't just ignoring anybody I didn't want to bone down with. Also, best representation I've seen in any video game ever, bar none.

BTW, This is the first VN I've played where an NPC has my name. It's exactly as weird and wrong as I expected XD

It isn't all good; I thought I had a grip on the various tending and feeding microgames, but then I started failing at them and I couldn't work out why. I still don't know if it was me or the game, since I didn't intend to start doing anything differently. Or if it was because I was playing on a touch screen?

(PS, the game does need some kind of menu button! I had to go attach my keyboard just to save the game!)

Thankfully, I managed to pass the class, even if my boy was proper  stanky thanks to me apparently losing the ability to work a hose. Didn't get any prizes, but who cares? That's not what dog school is for.

I expected the dogs' personalities to come into a play a little more. I picked "Blocker" because I (unlike the character, who as a first-time owner probably should have been advised not to choose him!) am an experienced dog owner and was prepared to deal with trust issues. But in practise he seemed to have no problem at all building Trust, and from what I could tell there weren't any specific events based on the choice of dog either.

Now, my one actual gripe is that having to choose between cleaning, playing with and feeding or watering my dog legit sets off my anxiety response. I get that it's a lighthearted game, but that's exactly why it made me so uncomfortable to have food and care unnecessarily placed in opposition. And I know  it's a game mechanic, but I don't think difficulty is an important part of this game's appeal—certainly not enough to be worth the very bad pet care message. Besides which, I suspect that if Jade found out you were only providing your dog with fresh water occasionally she'd knock your freakin block off.

Anyway, that turned into a super long-winded review, so let me  just conclude that if you're looking for a relatively short, low-stakes game full of diverse queer hotties with lovely personalities and super cute dogs, this one's for you.

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Eagerly watching these suggestions. I'm bit worried because although I've made a lot of games, I don't think I'm much good for giving advice about process, since mine is extremely informal and personal and inefficient. 

I'm primarily a visual designer, artist and editor, and web developer. What would you value from somebody with that skillset? (I've considered offering a WordPress plugin I made for creating a D&D4e-style rules compendium, but I'm dubious as to how useful that would be.)

Anyway, any thoughts would be appreciated :)

As for suggestions for others, anything to do with the financial side of it all would be very helpful to me. I would especially appreciate any advice on how to approach artists to license existing work, terms one might use, what would be reasonable rates—that kind of thing! :)

Katamari Bearmacy is one of the most aesthetically satisfying games I've ever played. But it was over so fast! Team, you have left me with a deep spiritual need for more (and longer) fat bear levels. I would play (and buy!) at least a hundred more levels of this glorious nonsense.

Should probably throw in GIMP ( on the list of graphics editors too. Sure it's not perfect, but it's not bad enough to be left off entirely :p

Thanks so much! That's a huge help. I'll go tinker with it right away.

Check out the initials of the title ^^

Oof, that's bad news >.<; Did either of you get an informative error message from the game? Or could you tell me which paths you were on and where the crash happened? Thanks!

I'm so glad it had an impact! XD I was never sure when I was working on it. I made myself get pretty weepy with the endings, but I'm so sentimental about the particular subject matter, I had no idea how it would land for other people. It's deeply rewarding when people tell me things like this, so, thank you :) I hope you also had fun!

@Jupiter_Hadley Sorry, there isn't yet #6.6#; My computer died in the last week of NaNo, so there was no way I could get it finished in time. It's going to be finished though! There's no way I'll let it die. Current plan is to pick it up again to coincide with this year's Yuri Jam.

Hhehehe XD In fact, the very first working title was "Doofy Otome Game" ;p

Thanks so much for the comment. I'm really glad you were touched by it! I had some of my best friends in mind when I was writing it <:)

Thank you! I did draw all the character art, but the backgrounds are mostly made from stock photographs that I filtered or and/or touched up. Most are real places in Australia, though I cheated by including both Melbourne and Brisbane in the one area ;p The exception is Ash's ending scene, where you can sort of tell that I drew the background myself ^_^;