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Should probably throw in GIMP ( on the list of graphics editors too. Sure it's not perfect, but it's not bad enough to be left off entirely :p

Thanks so much! That's a huge help. I'll go tinker with it right away.

Check out the initials of the title ^^

Oof, that's bad news >.<; Did either of you get an informative error message from the game? Or could you tell me which paths you were on and where the crash happened? Thanks!

I was watching a GDQ Hotfix/Mystery Tournament, and this game was the one I had to come check out! I love how you went so deep on a super simple mechanic. I've been craving puzzle games that are easy to play in short bursts, and this will hit the spot really nicely. Thanks! ^^

I'm so glad it had an impact! XD I was never sure when I was working on it. I made myself get pretty weepy with the endings, but I'm so sentimental about the particular subject matter, I had no idea how it would land for other people. It's deeply rewarding when people tell me things like this, so, thank you :) I hope you also had fun!

@Jupiter_Hadley Sorry, there isn't yet #6.6#; My computer died in the last week of NaNo, so there was no way I could get it finished in time. It's going to be finished though! There's no way I'll let it die. Current plan is to pick it up again to coincide with this year's Yuri Jam.

Hhehehe XD In fact, the very first working title was "Doofy Otome Game" ;p

Thanks so much for the comment. I'm really glad you were touched by it! I had some of my best friends in mind when I was writing it <:)

Thank you! I did draw all the character art, but the backgrounds are mostly made from stock photographs that I filtered or and/or touched up. Most are real places in Australia, though I cheated by including both Melbourne and Brisbane in the one area ;p The exception is Ash's ending scene, where you can sort of tell that I drew the background myself ^_^;