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yes, yes i am

All hail black jesus, he is with us all, always

First Heist is live!!! :DDDDD

This man single handedly opened the gates of hell to the discord lmao

it's the fallout Miami teaser theme

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Try creating a game (:

Hopefully, when the game is fully released

Proof that shagster online is  a flawless masterpiece 

Hi just watched a few of your vids and I absolutely love it! (Subbed btw :D) just a fair warning the game is no where near done and there currently isn't much to do other than socialise with other players, so I'm worried that it may not be enough for a full video. We have a BIG update coming out in a few months, so it might be worth the wait. But if you want to do a vid now, go for it!!!

Idk man I just keep thinking about this game I really enjoyed it :D keep up the good work

Of course you can make a video!

Just showed the video to our Dev team, we all found it hallarious!! Keep up the good work :D

:D updates coming soon!!!


Yeah we are working on a Windows Linux and mobile port

Ikr A tribute to the fastest man alive :D

This man is an absolute legend

Truly epic 10/10

I used Unity and PUN2 (Photon Unity Networking 2) there are hundreds of great tutorials online.

Here's a great tut for getting started with PUN2

Here's a great YouTube channel for getting started with Unity, although some of his older tuts use JS which is no longer supported ):

Honestly, right now I cant promise a date because i'm busy with school and life in general, but I am using this game as a base to get a Computer Science GCSE so the update will come out in the next three months. 

If anyone has any queries about whats coming to the game feel free to ask on this comment and I will reply ASAP.


Yeah we are currently working on adding GTAV style heists and prison break missions to the game, where you play as shaggy, the ex detective who turned to crime when his best friend was murdered in a police shootout.

Yeah i hate it when that happens

No we're not, guns are coming to the game but they will not be usable by players, I feel that it would be funnier seeing shaggy beat the shit out of terrorists with his fists rather than shooting them.

Yo why is my mum behind the cantina counter wtf

hello there

I have a multiplayer scooby doo game and will be happy to send the source code for my networking engine! I use the unity engine btw


you can date me next owo

sal has nintendo pass


Game of the year



beep boop

Hey Gamers (: